Days of Our Lives Recaps January 26, 2024


A Mystery Caller Has a Killer Question for Xander

This moment was a huge threat to Xander Cook’s love life with Sarah.

Days of Our Lives Recaps January 26, 2024
Xander Cook receives a mysterious phone call.

On the Days of our Lives recap for Friday the 26th of January 2024, a mysterious caller catches Xander immediately, threatening to end the good life he’s creating with Sarah.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

Furthermore, Theresa and Alex were also able to share “aha” moments with the other in their conversations between Kayla and Marlena respectively. Everett observed Jada being with Stephanie following the time Jada shared more of her past regarding her boyfriend. Let’s get deep into the details of what transpired.

Love Epiphanies

The two Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Theresa (Emily O’Brien) were blessed with a moment of faith when they spoke regarding their experiences. In the beginning, Alex was able to have a conversation with Marlena. In the course of his session Alex was capable of digging into the specifics of his life, including the recent events with Theresa.

Then, he exposed her demise and teamed along with Brady (Eric Martsolf) to care for Theresa. He also revealed how he needed to convince her of going back to California and that it was his desire to keep her. The whole time, he seemed somewhat lost…until Marlena helped him draw the conclusion that he’s the love of Theresa.

In the meantime, Theresa showed up at the hospital to speak to Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) who had spoke with Kimberly (Patsy Pease). Then she realized that Theresa wasn’t heading to California to visit her mom…she was deciding to remain in Salem.

In the end, Theresa said that she took this decision due to Alex and that she loved him and just him. But, arriving at this conclusion was a sign that she needed to confront another issue which was the awful incident she did to Alex.

More on the Story

The Pub the Pub, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) got together for a bit of non-alcoholic entertainment, as did Rafe (Galen Gering) and did purchase an alcoholic drink. Rafe was prepared to reveal embarrassing facts about himself because they had banned all work conversation.

The relationship started with Stephanie who told the pair know she was still refusing to be around men…sorta. In all, she had worked in a couple of ex-lovers, Chad (Billy Flynn) and a guy from Seattle (they did not mention the name of his girlfriend).

Being in Seattle aspect was new to Jada particularly since she was also a resident of Seattle. Both of them were unhappy about the fact that they did not meet while living in Seattle.

While Rafe was on his way to get a second drink, the conversation moved toward Jada’s ex-husband. It was her “lying cheating, lying lover.” Jada sounded beyond over him, saying that it wasn’t just him cheating but the method by which she came to know.

Apparently, she noticed an enormous charge in their credit card that was from an online jewelry retailer. She hadn’t received jewelry since forever. If she confronted him the two of them had a major dispute and he was angry with her. Then, she realized that they had a problem.

Then, Everett (Blake Berris) became acquainted with Stephanie who invited her to meet the group to The Pub. When he arrived the pub, he entered and immediately saw Stephanie in the bar with Jada along with Rafe. In the end the man made a quick departure, and then texted Stephanie to inform her that he could not get there to The Pub after all.

He did however ask her to stay when she had quit The Pub. Everett laid her down in bed and told her the truth about something he’d confessed.

The joy of life interrupted…and threatened.

Xander and Sarah enjoyed a delicious meal that could only Xander with his Scottish magic could create inside the dining room. The two mingled like they do. However, they also discussed sensitive subjects. In a foolish move, Xander suggested Sarah should seek a raise in the hospital because she had was so dedicated.

But the financial chatter did not go over well for the physician. She was reminded of their relationship prior to it and also the money-related problems that led to him getting into trouble.

Sarah thought she’d been in decent situation financially. He was one of The Spectator owners, so she was too. The difference is that this time they won’t need to worry about such issues, at least for at least for the time being. Then, Xander and Sarah started to have a sexual relationship, but Xander was hesitant, since the latter didn’t want to mess things up the way he did earlier.

After Sarah had a hard time sleeping, Xander suddenly got a phone call. A mysterious man, with a deep voice, which was altered, claimed there was a job available for his name: “I have someone who has to be removed.”

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