Days of our Lives Spoilers February 19, 2024


DAYS Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Faceoff, Abduction and New Hope

Here’s your DAYS spoilers video preview for the week of February 19 – 23, 2024. Viewers get the face-to-face they’ve been waiting for – Jada finally sees Everett, and the Horton family bravely begins picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Days of our Lives Spoilers February 19, 2024
Days of our Lives video preview.

Video Preview

After months of waiting, a much-anticipated confrontation finally happens, kicking off a complex new story. Plus, a pair of young lovers are in serious danger, and the Horton family struggles to pick up the pieces after their home went up in flames.

Double Date Disaster

A double date quickly turns into a disaster when Jada and Rafe (Galen Gering) arrive at the Brady Pub to have dinner with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett. Color Jada (Eila Cantu) shocked when she walks in and lays eyes on Everett (Blake Berris).

“This man is my ex-husband,” announces Jada. Stephanie and particularly Everett (Blake Berris) look absolutely confused. But Jada doesn’t back down. “You are Bobby Stein,” she insists.

Apparently, Jada produces the happy engagement photo of herself and “Bobby” on her phone and hands it to Everett and Stephanie. Will Everett ‘fess up to being Bobby or not?

Facts vs. Feelings

It looks like Everett doesn’t because Stephanie’s PI dad, Steve (Stephen Nichols), quickly gets on the case. Then, he meets with Stephanie and presents the facts. “I did some research,” Steve tells his daughter. Then he hands her a document to look over and says, “Now the bad news.” Stephanie looks just as stunned as Jada did earlier.

Later, Jada meets with Everett and Stephanie and gives her friend a piece of advice. “Stephanie, run,” she urges her. Will Stephanie heed Jada’s warning or stick by the man she loves?

A Deadly Message

Meanwhile, Ava (Tamara Braun) receives a deadly message. So she heads to the cops to tell them about it and get help. “My son is missing,” says Ava. “And I know Clyde (James Reed) has him.”

Poor Tripp (Lucas) and Wendy (Victoria Grace) have been kidnapped by someone from the drug cartel and locked up in a dingy room. The couple huddle together under some blankets, desperate for someone to come to rescue them.

Tragedy and Triumph

Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Doug (Bill Hayes) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) gather at the Horton home to survey the damage done by the fire. The tragedy sparks a journey back in time. “The Horton family history begins with my grandparents,” explains Julie.

Suddenly, there’s a flashback scene of a young Tom and Alice having a romantic picnic together. “I love you, Alice Horton,” says Tom. “I love you, Tom Horton,” responds Alice. Then, the couple shares a sweet kiss.

Apparently, Tom’s chair, which became Alice’s chair after he passed away, has remained intact. Doug takes a seat in it, and he and Julie reminisce about their wonderful family. Then Doug serenades his wife with a chorus of, “I’ll be loving you, always,” as Julie cuddles up to him.


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