Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 20, 2024


DAYS Spoilers: A Spotlight on Horton History

Doug, Julie, and Maggie remember the good old DAYS.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, February 21 put Salem’s original core family front and center, as Leo asks questions about the Hortons, and Doug, Julie, and Maggie go down Memory Lane to provide answers.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 20, 2024
Leo has questions about the Hortons that only Julie can answer.

Remember When

Leo (Greg Rikaart) enjoys knowing everybody else’s business. Especially when he can make them look bad. Let’s hope that’s not what Lady Whistleblower has in mind when he expresses interest in Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) stories about her beloved grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc. But Julie isn’t the only one with tales that come to photographic life. Doug (Bill Hayes) has memories of his own, as does Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

Next Up

The Bradys may not have lived in Salem as long as the Hortons — well, maybe they have, we just didn’t see them until a few decades later; they were on the other side of the camera — but they also endured quite a few trials and tribulations.

As Julie, Doug, and Maggie sort through the remnants of the family home, Marlena (Deidre Hall), John (Drake Hogysten), Roman (Josh Taylor), and Kate (Lauren Koslow) pop up to help. And reminisce. But it’s not just the olden DAYS we’ll be enjoying. A young Tom (Zach Chyz) and Alice (Syndey K. Smith) will make an appearance too. Why should the living have all the fun?

Boxing Day

And you never know when the past will be a springboard to the future. Amidst all the talk of the good old DAYS, a mysterious box is uncovered. What’s in it? Who put it together? Why is it important?

Will it be something to help us understand the Horton family legacy better? Or will it be something that launches them, as well as the Blacks and the Bradys and the DiMeras and the Kiriakises and the Johnsons and the Hernandezes, on a brand-new adventure?


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