Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 19, 2024


Alex captures Theresa in a compromising position.

Alex Kiriakis is about to catch the eye of the world!

The Days of the Lives spoilers from Monday 22nd January 2024. Also, tease Alex watching Theresa and Brady having an (ahem) unique moment. Tune into the show to see as the action unfolds.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 19, 2024
Theresa Donovan may have some big regrets.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlights

Is Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) one of those guys who is in love? Nah, not actually. However, he’s one of the men in. He’s definitely will not appreciate seeing Theresa (Emily O’Brien) engaging in a kiss with a different guy. In particular, since the other one has been her boyfriend!

Alex is shocked when he spots this sinister lip-lock. He’s shocked and not certain what to do. Could this mean that He and Theresa are now officially being evicted? (She did advise him to go out and get lost already!) Will she try to reconnect to Brady (Eric Martsolf)? Is it likely that Alex be at risk of a fight when he decides to keep Theresa only to him?

Criminal Minds

Be on the lookout to see Steve (Stephan Nichol) to feel the heat after being confronted by Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Konstantin (John Kapelos). He confronts her about all the happenings and demands to know the truth. Are you sure Steve be able explain himself and show Konstantin is not an untruthful dirty scheming crook?

When it comes to villains, Harris (Steve Burton) is the one who pays Clyde (James Read) the respect of a visit. Clyde doesn’t let a tiny thing like being in jail keep him from committing crimes after crimes and Harris will do everything to put an end to the terror he has wrought on his life. It’s enough, jailbird!

Sorry, Mom.

In the meantime, Eric (Greg Vaughan) apologizes to his mother over Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) dinner host’s failure. His wife has smashed the bottle too hard and was a complete fool herself. Is Marlena (Deidre Hall) being a kind guest who wouldn’t fault an anxious new mom? Even if it’s too over the top?

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