Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 31, 2024


Daytime SPOILERS: Heartsick Harris Bares His Soul to Marlena about His Love Life

Evidently, Ava’s got Harris in a tangle emotionally.

On the Thursday of the episode of Days of our Lives, the love-sick Harris is able to discuss his feelings towards Ava with Salem’s therapist of choice, Marlena Evans.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 31, 2024
Harris talks to Marlena about his love life.

Feelings are good.

While Marlena (Deidre Hall) must find out what’s happening in the life of John (Drake Hogestyn) at home (he’s appearing to be in a bad way these days) The people of Salem are still in need of her. If it’s not Paulina (Jackee Harry) who is occupying her office, then it’s Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). Again, she attempts to assist Harris (Steve Burton) be more open and express his thoughts and desires.

In his situation the actor must confront his feelings about Ava (Tamara Braun). In the beginning they developed an enduring relationship. Then, Salem’s drug crisis erupted. Then, suddenly, Ava is cold and hot and it’s turning her both inside and outside. It’s especially so because, until recent, he was Megan Hathaway’s brainwashed automated. This means that Harris does not know how to deal with deep, significant emotions, especially when it comes to a complex woman involved in a fake relationship. Marlena should give him her best advice from her life.

There is no sympathy for the Devil.

Similar to Ava, Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) is a complex lady. But her needs at present are not complicated. She would like to spend time with her husband Eric (Greg Vaughan, will be he re-appear on the show?). With a newborn baby (that does not belong to Sloan) as well as being targeted by the police and throwing horrible dinner gatherings She and Eric don’t have much chance to get intimate.

When the two take a couple of moments to themselves but they’re interrupted. Prayers aren’t performing their task. I’m guessing that making an elaborate schedule isn’t doing its job too. What will it require to allow Sloan as well as Eric to have some fun and intense time alone? An agreement to the Devil? Because in Salem this can be done.

Someone to help them when they need it.

As Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is thankful for his escape from Statesville He’s also feeling trapped. The only people to are aware that he’s the upstairs room of The Pub are Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Roman (Josh Taylor). He feels the need to come up with a new idea. He takes a risk to call Chad (Billy Flynn) and Everett (Blake Berris) to an interview. What could be wrong?

In the end, Theresa (Emily O’Brien) is suffering from a job crisis that unfortunately Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) cannot solve. There’s a chance that Brady (Eric Martsolf) might be able to fix it however. How smart will it be If Theresa is attracted into Brady and knows that Alex is now a jealous, egocentric kind of person?


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