General Hospital 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024


A Critic’s Review of General Hospital: Kidnapping and Revenge

The author’s thoughts about GH are hers only hers. Be aware that everything is built on emotions, no matter if it’s correct or not, funny or silly.

When it concerns General Hospital, every fan has their own view – as SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. Over the course of 5 days, we watched the good as well as the naysayers and everything between. Here, we are leading with optimism. However, sometimes we don’t achieve what we desire. Here’s a recap of the week GH had.

General Hospital 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024
Carly Spencer, Nikolas Cassadine, Trina Robinson.

What I’m Feeling This Week: Euphoria Over the Return of Nikolas

The week before, Nikolas returned to Port Charles looking for Ava. These scenes with Adam Huss and Maura West were a joy to see. They always fluctuate with extreme hot and intense hatred.

In the last week Nikolas was finally there to visit his son. Their relationship is a mess that is layered with layers of damage and baggage. Imagine my delight at the time Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) did not take the lead with violent anger, and Nikolas did not have a stoic, defensive style of leadership.

The two of them were able to accept responsibility. Sure, Spencer did feel a bit frustration, however in the end, Spencer was able to understand his father somewhat better. He was capable of understanding the anger and sadness that resulted from Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) manipulating his life to create something that it didn’t recognize. He was able to tap into the paternal emotions he holds toward his father. He actually acted by example and demonstrated compassion and apologies.

In the end, Spencer asked Nikolas to stay with him while Nikolas requested Spencer to join him…and Ace (Jay and Joey Clay). They both Chavez and Huss provided precisely what was required to create scenes that were full of frustration, anger, guilt love, conflict, and anger. Nik was determined to stay, but the decision was his own. He was not ready to hand himself for the authorities. Spencer wanted to go but he wasn’t able to. He’s got a family and a wife named Trina (Tabyana Ali). And he’s not going to give up his joy anytime soon.

All of this to be able to say that it was a pleasure watching the back-and-forth scenes. Was I surprised that Spencer allowed Nikolas go with Ace? Yes! What a cute Ace when he sat him head against Nikolas’s shoulder? These scenes caused me to hit rewind to experience the entire scene over and over.

Other GH Thoughts

The Frustration Zone: Laura (Genie Francis) having to be a ‘ride-or-die’ for Esme is possibly an extremely irritating things that happen during the day for me at the moment. I love Genie Francis, and I love the Mayor Laura Collins. It’s true that I’m more aware of what’s happening regarding Esme as Laura is however, I don’t really care.

As absurd as it may sound It’s difficult for me to watch Laura take on her time and time again. Even though Pohl is performing her best self every time. She’s amazing. But I digress. In spite of finding out the fact that Dark Esme is back, Laura’s still sticking to the idea that Spencer could be right (which isn’t the case).

Is it just me? Or Is Carly (Laura Wright) being observant of Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) behavior change and perhaps she’s not enjoying it? I enjoyed the fact that she as well as Sam (Kelly Monaco) were having a discussion about it, too. At the moment, I believe that things are going well. She’s aware that he’s going through things. But who knows what might happen down the down the road ….

Second Best Interaction: Trina and Esme. Apart from Nikolas and Spencer the courtroom exchange with Trina as well as Esme was quite awe-inspiring. The look on the face of Esme when she realized that Trina as well as Spencer were going to Paris for an entire semester was priceless. I’m in need of Tabyana Ali to explain to me how much fun it was to share these words:

Esme: “Although I know Spencer is gonna miss you like crazy while you’re abroad.”

Trina: “Yeah. It’s possible. If he didn’t come to me.”

The most popular Social Media Theory: Drew dismissing Nina (Cynthia Watros)/making it sign resignation letters. When this incident occurred on the episode on Friday, viewers must have looked up Whistleblower 101 and checked with their legal advisors and came to the next action for this incident.

The short version can be summarized as whistleblowers being covered and Drew replacing her as that he did is not a good idea. Nina might have a great argument to pursue Drew legally and in a more brutal way than what he has done to Nina. Let’s look at what GH can come up with the next, don’t you think?

There’s no fallout whatsoever: Nina spilling the beans on Michael (Chad Duell) blackmailing her and being aware of the things she did for months hasn’t had any consequences. At least, so far. Perhaps Drew might have something have something more to say on the subject, however everyone else was saying”oh well.

Questions to Ask: Why hasn’t anyone apology been made for Ned (Wally Kurth) for shaming Ned as a whistleblower? Specifically, Michael and Drew. They must admit that.

Still Processing: Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) and Kristina (Kate Mansi). I’m trying to connect with the two. The first thing is that they haven’t been together for a long time. When Kristina first called their relationship anew and said, “Have a nice life,” I was all good. And now that they’re getting back in touch, I’m hoping that they can come up with something that makes me feel for them. I’m happy with each one of them on their own.

I’m Feeling it: Jordan (Tanisha Harper) is in trouble. It appears that Jordan is being told a story and I’m here to support it. Who did she take? I’m looking forward to finding out about the next steps for deputy Mayor. Also, please let me know Anna (Finola Hughes) is coming to aid her! Because I’m in need of Anna along with Jordan characters in my lives. Additionally, Anna needs a win.

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