General Hospital 2nd News December 27, 2023


Michael Easton and Daytime Stars Pay Tribute to the Late Kamar de los Reyes.”

The soap opera community mourns the loss of one of its beloved members, Kamar de los Reyes, who portrayed Antonio Vega on One Life to Live (OLTL). On Christmas Eve, the talented actor succumbed to a brief but valiant battle with cancer at the age of 56, leaving a void in the hearts of his colleagues and friends.

General Hospital News December 27, 2023
Michael Easton remembered his incredible friendship with Kamar de los Reyes.

One of those deeply affected is Michael Easton, known for his role as Finn on General Hospital. In a heartfelt Facebook post, Easton expressed the shock and sorrow of having to write farewell words for his dear friend. He reminisced about Kamar’s larger-than-life presence, describing him as a force of nature that elevated both the entertainment industry and the world.

Easton praised Kamar’s fighting spirit, emphasizing his unwavering faith and hope even in the face of illness. Beyond the screen, Kamar’s dedication to charitable causes and his efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico endeared him to millions. Easton, however, cherished the personal side of their friendship, describing Kamar as his best friend and the best man at his wedding.

The tribute didn’t end with Michael Easton. David and Melissa Fumero, who shared the OLTL set with Kamar, also poured out their memories and emotions on social media. David Fumero, who portrayed Cristian Vega, Kamar’s on-screen brother, thanked him for his love, wisdom, and the laughter that brightened their days. Melissa Fumero, who played Adriana, remembered Kamar as the one who introduced her to community involvement, leaving an indelible mark on her life.

Another actor mourning the loss is Jacob Young, known for his role as JR Chandler on All My Children. Young recalled Kamar’s support during his early years in the competitive acting industry. He highlighted Kamar’s kindness on a flight, a simple yet impactful gesture that spoke volumes about the man’s character. Young also reminisced about the nights spent laughing together in Manhattan, emphasizing Kamar’s love for family, culture, and salsa dancing.

Even actors from different soap operas felt the impact of Kamar’s presence. Daniel Goddard, recognized for his role as Cane Ashby on Young and the Restless, shared his experience testing for OLTL alongside Kamar in 2006. Goddard acknowledged Kamar’s intimidating yet impressive presence, reflecting on how the experience boosted his confidence as a newcomer to the soap opera scene.

As the soap opera community reflects on the legacy of Kamar de los Reyes, it’s evident that his influence stretched far beyond the screen. His colleagues and friends remember him not only as a talented actor but also as a compassionate, kind-hearted individual who left an indelible mark on their lives.


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