General Hospital 2nd News December 28, 2023


Unraveling Esme’s Enigma: Avery Kristen Pohl Delves into GH’s Intricate Storyline”

General Hospital 2nd News December 28, 2023
Avery Kristen Pohl reveals what’s going on with Esme.

“GH’s Avery Kristen Pohl Unlocks the Secrets of Esme’s Memory and More”

General Hospital enthusiasts were left in suspense regarding the mystery of Esme, portrayed by the talented Avery Kristen Pohl, and the status of her memory. Recent revelations on the soap opera have clarified that Esme wasn’t feigning forgetfulness about her sinister past. On a pre-Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet,SoapsSpoiler.Com seized the opportunity to chat with Pohl, extracting insights about Esme’s amnesia, Sprina, and her experiences working with iconic actresses.

In a candid discussion, Pohl addressed the lingering question of whether Esme had regained her memories. “As the actress, I can’t say I fully get to make that decision,” Pohl remarked. “It’s more of a writing choice. I don’t have any input on if she decides that she [had] her memories [all along].”

Pohl also shared her perspective on Esme’s pivotal decision to leave Laura and Kevin’s home, embarking on an independent journey with baby Ace. “It is a big responsibility, but I really believe it’s one that she’s ready for,” the actress explained. Reflecting on Esme’s character development, Pohl added, “Look at how much she’s grown in a couple of months. She’s gone through [being] in a jail cell, pregnant, to a single mother, working her own hours, having Ace in daycare, and she has this support system.”

Addressing the complex dynamics of Esme’s relationships, Pohl hinted at the possibility of unrequited love influencing her character’s choices. “I don’t think [Esme] really wants to watch Spencer and Trina [Tabyana Ali] be right under her nose anymore,” Pohl revealed. “Whether she’s fully aware of it or not, she was in love with Spencer at some point.”

As Spencer assumes a protective role over Ace, despite being his half-brother, Pohl commended Nicholas Chavez for his portrayal of the challenging situation. “He’s up for the challenge. He’s great!” Pohl exclaimed.

Delving into her on-set experiences, Pohl expressed immense admiration for her co-stars, including Genie Francis (Laura), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), and Alley Mills (Heather). “What’s really cool is that everybody brings something different,” Pohl remarked. “Genie is truly one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. I’ve learned so much from her. Nancy always makes me laugh. She’s so fun and she keeps me on my toes. I respect her so much. Also, I call Alley all the time and say, ‘I love you.'”

This behind-the-scenes glimpse into Esme’s character journey and the camaraderie among the cast members adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing General Hospital narrative.


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