General Hospital 2nd News February 1, 2024


The GH’s Frank Valentini Shares Supportive Words for Erika Slezak

The top boss of GH worked for many years at OLTL.

Frank Valentini, before taking the helm at General Hospital, was the executive producer of One Life to Live. In that show, he not only collaborated with the series’ actor Erika Slezak who was the character Viki as Viki, but also got to know her personally. He offers words of encouragement in the wake of the death of Slezak’s daughter Amanda Davies.

General Hospital 2nd News February 1, 2024
Frank Valentini and Erika Slezak.

Frank Valentini: Remembering Amanda Davies

“I have had the pleasure of watching Amanda (Davies) grow into a young woman during my time in One Life to Live and realize that Erika’s job as a mother was the most important job,” Valentini told People magazine. “I am devastated to learn of her devastating loss. My heart is with the family of my beloved friend and their loved ones through this difficult time.”

As previously reported Amanda Davies recently died unexpectedly. Her death was announced in Erika Slezak’s official site. There is no cause of death been announced. Davies was a teen Viki for OLTL during 2002.

Her late grandfather, Walter Slezak, was also an actor, primarily well-known for his character roles from iconic Hollywood films. He was on OLTL in the year 1976 in the role of Laszlow Braedeker. Walter’s extensive acting resume included roles in Batman as the villain The Clock King, The Love Boat, Treasure Island as well as for Lifeboat, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Lifeboat.


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