General Hospital 2nd News February 12, 2024


GH’s Kirsten Storms Says Her Daughter Is Scaling New Heights

In the show, Maxie Jones has a proud mommy and that’s why it is her character.

Children in real life don’t develop quickly like they do in soaps, but Kirsten Storms who is Maxie of General Hospital, can attest that they do get older! Kirsten Storms is sharing a tale of how daughter Harper has reached new levels — literally.

General Hospital 2nd News February 12, 2024
Kirsten Storms.

Kirsten Storms: Harper Goes Rock Climbing

“I told Harper that she looked like a little lizard at @boulderdashclimbing yesterday,” Storms posted on Instagram about her daughter who she has with Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny, now, Stefan, Days of our Lives).

“Some of the walls she raced up, some of them took a bit more time to accomplish, but she refused to give up,” the proud mother continues. “On her final climb, I could feel her tiny legs shaking trying to hold on to one of the pegs that was as big as the size of a floss container. I am constantly amazed by her passion and joy that she gets in challenging things. She’ll tell you she has no joy in challenges however the final picture in this series I took was of her falling to the ground following 90 minutes of climbing. It’s pretty certain that she is a happy little girland with some absurd bices.

Climb Every Mountain

Storms spoke the same experience with Maurice Benard (Sonny) on his YouTube show State of Mind about psychologically demanding mountains she has attempted to climb. The actress explains she found her daughters efforts exhausting but worthwhile. “Deliriously exhausted However, she was happy…and likely proud of her. Since I am very proud of her. PS. Do you know anyone who has looked at the kid(s) at their kids and say God I’d like I could get 10 percent of their energy the next Mother’s Day? I’d never have to drink coffee again. …? ‘”

The TV mom of the actress, Kristina Wagner (Felicia) posted her opinions on Harper’s achievements. She tweeted: “Wow! It’s really difficult. It takes a lot of arm strength. Harper was able to get some length!” Laura Wright (Carly) expressed her appreciation for Harper’s effort as well as her mom’s comment using four heart-shaped emojis.


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