General Hospital 2nd News February 13, 2024


Cameron Mathison on Drew V. Nina: ‘Even Carly Will Let It go.

Drew Cain is forever changed by the events that took place to him in the prison.

Does the food at Pentonville really good? Really, Drew Cain, played by General Hospital star Cameron Mathison is trying to take down crimson editor Nina Reeves. Mathison recently spoke with SoapsSpoiler.Com about why Drew is determined to ensure Nina pay!

General Hospital 2nd News February 13, 2024
Cameron Mathison talks Drew and Nina’s feud.

Cameron Mathison: Drew Is Drawn This Way

When they found it out Nina (Cynthia Wastros) had had pushed Drew along with Carly (Laura Wright) into the SEC and caused financial difficulties for Carly and sent Drew in prison (where Drew was brutally beaten), Drew canned Nina from her post. He also informed her in a variety of ways that he’d like to do further harm on her. Yikes! This isn’t the grandmother’s Ryan Lavery! (Mathison’s favorite hero character was his character in All My Children.)

“Listen man, when I’m told to do something, but I simply jump in headfirst to complete the thing,” Mathison told SoapsSpoiler.Com on the red carpet for the ceremony for the 31st MovieGuide Awards last Friday evening. “Honestly it was a blast,” the actor says of adding new shades for his characters. “It was enjoyable to create some tension.

Maybe, on some level Drew realizes that both he and Carly were in violation of laws, however he’s unable to overcome the pain the prison experience caused him and is now deciding for blame Nina. “Drew was brutally beaten in prison. He has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]” Mathison says. “He believes it’s Nina’s responsibility. He’s determined to take revenge at Nina. He’s not going to let go. Even Carly would like for it to go however, Drew does not want to let it go.”

What else has his time in prison influenced Drew? “It’s more like he’s realized that life isn’t that long,” Mathison says.


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