General Hospital 2nd News February 2, 2024


“GH’s” Kristina Wagner Converts Heartbreak to Hope

The GH actress carries an important message.

General Hospital star Kristina Wagner has experienced the worst nightmare of parents in 2022, when her ex-husband Jack Wagner’s youngest son Harrison passed away in the age 27. But the actress shares how the spirit of her son has guided her after his death.

General Hospital News February 2, 2024
Kristina Wagner.

Wagner looks to the Future.

Wagner took Wagner took to Instagram to share an adorable candid picture of her, her elder son Peter and Harrison snapped in 1997. In her caption she shared a powerful message about hope and loss that could inspire us all.

“We are entitled to be grieving, but it shouldn’t define our lives. The purpose of life is not to be constantly grieving over the things you don’t possess, but to celebrate the things you are doing and to share it with other people,” Wagner said. “The photo is one that was snapped by me and my mom, Carolyn, while we were on a road trip in Montana during 1997. Peter, Harrison, and I test our abilities to stand on a log.

“Mom was watching this and took a picture with her Instamatic camera, without us knowing. I’m wondering what she was thinking at the moment. I’m convinced that the last two years have proved to be the most sluggish time I’ve ever experienced. Perhaps that’s an advantage is that I do not take every moment for granted.

“I try to fill my days with significance and meaning the highest level I could. I approach everyday activities with a sense of curiosity and passion. I am aware that it takes a lot of effort to navigate the world and gain clarity. My son Harrison is with me everywhere -not only in my memories or my sorrow, but also as my guide. As a result, I am able to feel joy in a way that I could never have imagined. In this photo as a tag-along. However, actually, he helps me along my way.”

Wagners Honor Their Sons Wagners Reward Their Son

Harrison Wagner was found dead in a parking area on June 6th, 2022. Six months after it was his body was discovered six months later. L.A. coroner’s office ruled the death of Harrison Wagner as an accident caused by mixing fentanyl and Xanax.

After his passing the Wagners set up The Harrison Wagner Scholarship Fund to assist young men struggling with addiction. The fund’s website describes how Jack and Kristina provide a description of Harrison and the foundation’s purpose.

“Harrison was a lively and exuberant young man whose smile was infectious in any space the room he was. He leaves behind a lot of people and their families who cherished him. We’re devastated to hear that he lost his battle with addiction. we wish that Harrison’s legacy will be remembered with this scholarship. It will allow other young men to find help for their addictions that might not otherwise have the funds to support it.


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