General Hospital 2nd News January 16, 2024


Walt Willey Talks with Maurice Benard 35 Years After AMC

Former Pine Valley co-stars reunited on State of Mind.

General Hospital 2nd News January 16, 2024
Walt Willey joined Maurice Benard on State Of Mind.

Even though he acknowledged problems in the production and audio system, Maurice Benard hoped fans were still going to enjoy the program they recorded at Graceland, and he wasn’t mistaken. The show was a deal for two featuring the Dr. Charles Noonan and the former All My Children star -who is now appearing seen on General Hospital — Walt Willey.

Walt Willey Joins State of Mind

Doctor. Noonan re-entered Benard’s life in the year prior to his appearance during the Graceland stage after he surprised his former patient who diagnosed him over 30 years ago in the year that He turned the back on his fellow Daytime Emmy winner when he did the interview. Benard has not hidden that Dr. Noonan has changed his life since the doctor was able to inform him what was wrong with his health. On Graceland the doctor. Noonan was able to get Benard to talk about many fascinating things, such as the way he played Desi Arnaz as a character, he was in essence playing his own fatherin that the two characters shared many traits, even however one of them had a better voice.

It opened the way to a discussion after Benard approached his father over giving him the belt when he was a young. Being open about the fact that he was sensitive at the time, Benard tried to get his father to realize that this was a form of abuse, and finally received an apology from his father. The father admitted it was the truth which led to interesting discussions on break the chain.

Benard finally welcomed Willey on Willey on the State of Mind scene before introducing the audience by telling them how hilarious the co-star from his former AMC co-star was. However, it wasn’t all laughter. He spoke about to progress from extra to under-five, then to daytime player to day player, etc. in different soaps for daytime, and even the chance to see his Pine Valley brother, the late Larkin Malloy who was an actor in Edge of Night (where Malloy was the character Sky Whitney), things turned serious.

Willey spoke about being born to older parents, being born with stuttering and how art played a major contribution to making him the person he has become. Willey talked about his long-term marriage, having two kids and what his daughter does as a designer, and their son has a career as an artist, and “is on the spectrum somewhere.” Willey shared an amazing story of his work with Ving Rhames in Another World, about having Benard stay at his home while they drove to AMC as well as many more interesting stories of working in the business.


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