General Hospital 2nd News January 17, 2024


Ryan Carnes Reflects on Being a Part of GH’s Powerful Farewell to Bobbie

Fans are waiting for fans to ask Dr. Lucas Jones to check again into GH.

General Hospital made sure that Ryan Carnes, who plays Dr. Lucas Jones, was one of the actors that were in the tribute shows in honor of the legendary Bobbie Spencer, portrayed by Jacklyn Zeman. The actor is now Carnes has spoken out about playing the role he has been adored by fans for years.

General Hospital 2nd News January 17, 2024
Ryan Carnes recently reprised Lucas.

Ryan Carnes: Giving Thanks

“Thank you to everyone who tuned into the General Hospital farewell episodes last week and celebrated Jackie’s life with us,” Carnes wrote on Instagram. “It was an absolute honour to pay tribute and pay proper respect to such a sweet beautiful, gorgeous person and a powerful actor. She is greatly missed however I am thankful that the world had her the length of time it did, and we had the opportunity to say goodbye with a lot of affection.

GH fans agree in SoapsSpoiler.Com that Carnes gave amazing performances in these episodes and are now discussing their wish to watch more of him on Port Charles.

It was definitely one of the most memorable or even the most memorable goodbyes I’ve ever witnessed! It was amazing to witness all the people who came back to bid farewell (including the guests!) The’memory moments were absolutely amazing!” shared Bev Hess. “I particularly enjoyed the way they included BJ (Brighton Hertford’s pack in the role of Angela Brighton] back! This was so touching! It was beautiful! I shed many tears and a lot of laughter with the actors!”

“It is always great to see a Ryan Carnes spotting,” said Mitch Sandusky. “Great job and handsome as ever.” Add mpds11590: “SO glad you were back! I wish you were fully back!”

“We need some more Lucas back in our lives!” wrote iammrvaldez. Butterfly_phai has added: “I am so grateful to GH for calling me back! This is a wonderful memorial for Jackie by you as well as the rest of the cast. You will be missed. I would love to see you return full-time, if you could!


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