General Hospital 2nd News January 22, 2024


Breaking News: Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte Are GH’s New Co-Head Writers

One of GH’s newest Head writers is a writer who has worked on a variety of soaps.

General Hospital has made a change in the head writers. The show’s veteran writers Patrick Mulcahey and current GH script editor and historian Elizabeth Korte are assuming the duties as co-heads of writers. GH writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor are leaving the show.

General Hospital 2nd News January 22, 2024
GH cast.

Patrick Mulcahey: A Familiar Name Returns

Mulcahey is known to knowledgeable soap lovers for his expertly crafted dialogue. The scribe got his first break by writing for the gone-but-never-forgotten NBC soap Texas, which starred Beverlee McKinsey as Iris Carrington Wheeler. He has written on Guiding Light, Loving, Santa Barbara, General Hospital along with Bold and the Beautiful. Mulcahey has been awarded 7 Daytime Emmys for writing soap operas. He’s won two Writers Guild of America Awards (both for his work on Santa Barbara).

If shows require a solid script the producers have looked to Mulcahey. He wrote Stephanie’s heart attack confession and fallout as well as several Eric (John McCook) (John McCook). Stephanie (Susan Flannery) battles on B&B as well as Mason Capwell (Lane Davies) inflicting a slash on his family in Santa Barbara. He wrote the teleplay for Loving’s premiere film of two hours alongside series writer Douglas Marland.

Viewers will be divided until the end of the season on whether this was the right decision end the life of Maureen Bauer (Ellen Parker) on GL however, there is no doubt the fact that Maureen’s funeral, and subsequent episodes were drama for the day in the best way when Maureen’s loved family members dealt with her immense loss. Mulcahey created the dialogue for these episodes.

Korte started her GH career more than 30 years ago working in the department of script continuity and has held various roles in the writing staff throughout the decades.

Van Etten and O’Connor became the show’s chief writers in the summer of 2019. O’Connor started his writing career in the daytime at One Life to Live. He’s received 3 Writers Guild of America awards for his work on GH. Van Etten also started at OLTL (in 2006). Van Etten has won a Writers Guild of America Award for his writing GH.


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