General Hospital 2nd News January 4, 2024

General Hospital 2nd News January 4, 2024
Cameron Mathison gives a good update.

GH’s Cameron Mathison Shares Positive Health Update: A Triumph Over Cancer

General Hospital’s beloved star, Cameron Mathison, has always been an open book when it comes to sharing his life’s journey with fans. From captivating performances in daytime drama to a courageous battle with cancer, Mathison has truly become a source of inspiration. Recently, he delighted his admirers with a significant health update.

Mathison, who first captured hearts as Ryan on All My Children in 1998, disclosed the encouraging news during an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Daytime Emmys in mid-December. “I’m doing great,” he beamed. “I had my 4-year cancer checkup, so I’m healthy, cancer-free, doing great. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’ve got more energy than [ever]. I worked really hard at it.”

Known for his commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Mathison engages in various physical activities, such as skiing, as evidenced by his active presence on social media. Emphasizing the holistic nature of his wellness journey, he shared, “It’s a whole lifestyle. There’s a lot of ice baths. There’s a lot of stuff.”

Having bravely shared his kidney cancer diagnosis in the past, Mathison’s journey to recovery involved surgery, a process made smoother by the early detection of the disease.

Despite his health challenges, Mathison is not slowing down. In addition to his role as Drew on GH, a character he has no plans to part with, he is taking on multiple exciting projects. “It’s gonna be busy,” he affirmed. “I’m really fortunate. I got a really cool game show coming out on GSN. I’ve got General Hospital happening… I signed a movie deal with Great American [Family]. I got some Christmas movies. So, I’m really fortunate.”

The actor recently offered a glimpse into his workout routine on Instagram, attributing his well-being to his collaboration with fitness expert Allen Cress and @nuethix_formulations. “I’ve been working with Allen [Cress allencress_ifbbpro] and @nuethix_formulations for over two years now, and I honestly can’t believe how amazing I feel,” Mathison shared. “At 54, I’m stronger and have more energy than in my 30s.”

Cameron Mathison’s resilience and commitment to a healthy lifestyle serve as a testament to his indomitable spirit, inspiring fans to embrace their own journeys toward well-being and vitality.


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