General Hospital 2nd News January 8, 2024


Joshua Benard and Sydney Shea Join Maurice Benard for a Heartfelt Podcast

On the first Sunday of the new year, Maurice Benard, the charismatic host of the State of Mind video podcast series, decided to kick off the year with a special episode featuring none other than his son, Joshua Benard. Known for his role as Adam on GH, Joshua brought along his talented singer girlfriend, Sydney Shea, making it a family affair filled with beautiful moments and candid discussions.

General Hospital 2ND News January 8, 2024
Maurice Benard welcomed son Joshua and girlfriend Sydney.

Before Sydney Shea joined the father-son duo, Maurice engaged Joshua in a thoughtful conversation, exploring topics ranging from the definition of love to thoughts on fear. Joshua took the opportunity to catch the audience up on his recent endeavors, shedding light on his role in the HBO Max series, now known as just Max, called The Rehearsal with Nathan Fielder. The actor enthusiastically shared his experience with improvisation, emphasizing how it played a crucial role in bringing the character to life.

Reflecting on Maurice’s influence, Joshua acknowledged the valuable lesson of improvisation his father instilled in him. He recounted the unique experience of being sent into a room with no dialogue or script, living as the character for an hour and a half—a practice quite different from his work on General Hospital.

As the conversation unfolded, Sydney Shea joined the duo, seamlessly blending into the discussion. The trio delved into various topics, including relationships, growing up, and the lessons learned from each other. Joshua and Sydney shared insights into how their partnership had positively impacted their lives, particularly in dealing with emotions, such as anger.

Maurice Benard, using his platform to address essential issues, shared a clip-on Instagram teasing a captivating segment on the need for mental health education in schools. The trio passionately discussed the necessity of mental health courses for children, emphasizing the importance of cultivating understanding and compassion from a young age.

Drawing from personal experiences, Maurice recounted a poignant childhood story, underscoring the potential impact of mental health education. He expressed regret for not showing compassion to a fellow student in crisis, highlighting the importance of fostering empathy through education.

In a delightful turn of events, Maurice encouraged the talented couple to share their musical talents with the audience. Joshua and Sydney treated viewers to a harmonious performance, showcasing their voices melding together beautifully. This musical collaboration was not only a treat for fans but also a testament to the couple’s shared creativity.


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