General Hospital 2nd news March 3, 2024


Everything We Know About Steve Burton’s GH Return on March 4

We know what Jason will be doing at Port Charles.

General Hospital 2nd news March 3, 2024
Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan.

He’s back. Well, almost. Steve Burton resurfaces as General Hospital’s Jason Morgan on Monday, March 4. As we get ready for this big daysince, we all know this is a major event We’ve compiled everything we have to know about the big-budget GH return.

Home, Sweet Home

Burton was back in the ABC studio to begin filming on Monday, 5 February. Burton announced the news on an Instagram video that showed him walking through the filming location. “Hey, hey. Home again,” he said, refers to the program that he made his debut appearance on in 1991, more than three decades back.

Find the top fan theories of Jason’s return.

Preview and Clues

What story will viewers get regarding Jason Morgan, the character who last appeared in the month of November 2021, where Jason Morgan was said to have “died” in a tunnel collapse? The soap has kept its distance from the plot. But a picture was released from Jason’s first scene and it’s bloody. He reappears in bloody hands.

Burton did discuss the future of the company following a discussion with the GH’s new chief writers Elizabeth Korte and Patrick Mulcahey. Evidently, he was impressed by the scenarios that was presented to him. “The plot is going to be amazing. It’s going to be amazing,” shared the actor in a video posted to Daily Drama’s YouTube page stating that the show would reveal clues leading the Jason’s return.

Tossing Stones

There have been clues abundant in the last couple of weeks. The most prominent historical characters were mentioned with just the same thing and that’s Stone. Stone. Viewers have heard concerning the late Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) as well as his Late Morgan Stone Corinthos (Bryan Craig) and that of the legendary Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan. Then John Jagger (Adam Harrington) is back in Port Charles investigating the hits on the mob bosses of the town and has made reference to his son, who’s called Stone.

The whole thing got to be a mess, as Sonny (Maurice Benard) was able to get Selina Wu’s (Lydia Look) accomplice to reveal that the culprit behind the assassination plans is known as… You’ve you guessed it, Stone. The shocking revelation stunned Sonny as viewers pondered who the Stone is it that they could have. Was Sonny’s former right-hand person, Jason, actually be trying to get his former best friend? Or is he just being played as a pawn in the plot of a twisted mastermind that was orchestrated by another of the aforementioned Stones?

Cassadine Connection

While we’re at it, don’t forget the Cassadine link to Jason’s disappearance. It was the tunnel’s collapse which “claimed Jason’s life” was in their island. Therefore, it is likely that someone associated with the infamous family helped in saving Jason, but how did they do it to a conclusion?

Over the years, this dangerous clan has inflicted harm on many Port Charles citizens. Do you remember, Helena (Constance Towers) was the one who collaborated along with Faison (Anders Hove) to implant Jason’s memory in his twin brother, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and manipulated the latter into becoming her sworn enemy. There’s a good chance that another Cassadine plot has been re-energized. new plot that’s equally absurd, except this time, it’s targeting Jason.


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