General Hospital 2nd Spoilers February 9, 2024


Weekly GH Spoilers: Love, Loneliness, and Loyalty

Find out what’s on the menu for you Port Charles favorites.

The week from February 12 to Feb. 16 in General Hospital, spoilers tease characters celebrating birthdays, encountering difficulties, and more. This is one week that you don’t wish to be missing!

General Hospital 2nd Spoilers February 9, 2024
Ava Jerome, Dex Heller, Sam McCall

Suspicious Minds

It’s well-known there was a time at the point that Dex (Evan Hofer) initially began working for Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) preferred person and was in fact working with Michael (Chad Duell). He was compensated under the table to gather information that was damaging to Michael, the mob boss. In the past the pair Sonny have seen real changes and adversities but lately, the boss has become reliant on Dex. In the defense of Sonny, Dex and Michael are once more in a symbiosis.

Michael even wired funds directly to the bank account. If Brick (Stephen Smith). Smith) is worth the huge dollars Sonny gives him, Brick will find suspicious evidence. In a flash this scenario might not be as “potential” any more. Sonny’s suspicious, which is going cause Dex right into a dangerous situation. It could also result in an angry Sonny. If anyone who watches GH is aware that a furious Sonny can be a very dangerous Sonny.

Seeking Connections

With Nina’s world in turmoil with Austin GatlinHolt (Roger Howarth) died, Nikolas (Adam Huss, in prison as well as Trina (Tabyana Ali) grieving Ava is (Maura West) experiencing loneliness. Yes, she’s living with Sonny however, he’s sort of lost lately. Therefore, Ava ends up seeking for a new companion. Is Nina (Cynthia Watros) have time to spend with herself or will Ava decide to go to someone else?

Think about Ava this week’s truth-teller Life coach, therapist, and therapist all in one exquisitely adorned package. The first thing she does is give tips to her roommate. What is it that Sonny require her assistance with (other that everything)? In the end, Ava specializes in hot mess and has dealt with numerous issues in her life and why not provide some insight for Sonny? In addition, she tries to offer wise advice to Joss (Eden McCoy). The friendship between the two has begun to warm. What will happen if Joss take Ava’s advice?

Odds and Ends

When Sam (Kelly Monaco) is required to utilize her extensive private investigation skills at instant, her top priorities are her children. She as well as Dante (Dominc Zamprogna) are forced to shift into a protective mode when they learn they know that Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) is in trouble.

This is Valentine’s Day, meaning it’s time to commemorate Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Portia’s first anniversary. Remember their wedding? The past year has been a tumultuous one due to the dramatic manner in which their wedding concluded. Then, Curtis’s fury afterward regarding Portia (Brook Kerr) not revealing Trina’s paternity secret. It’s not too long since a mysterious gunman who shot and crippled Curtis. It’s true, Portia and Curtis need to have a blast and realize that they’re together is an amazing feat.

Anna is now (Finola Hughes) the new chief for Port Charles Police Department. Port Charles Police Department. The Port Charles Police Department has been in the good fight against Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and trying to figure out who killed Curtis. All that brashness and business is put on hold for a while in order to confront Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). What happens when they cross paths again?



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