General Hospital 2nd Spoilers January 15, 2024


Sonny moves to stop Dex from Executing His Orders

Can Sonny Corinthos prevent disaster in time?

General Hospital 2nd Spoilers January 15, 2024
Sonny Corinthos and Dex Heller

General Hospital spoilers for January 16th, 2024, focusing on support, protection, and fear. There’s a lot of anxiety. Don’t miss this show.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

At times, Sonny (Maurice Benard who discusses the relationship with Sonny as well as Ava in this article) is his self-defence. If he is in a state of distress and pain screaming is a normal reaction. But Sonny left normal a long time in the past. In the world of high stakes Sonny takes care of his opponents in a determined and constant way.

He’s asked his right-hand man, Dex (Evan Hofer) to eliminate Cyrus, one of town’s most feared villains -Cyrus. Cyrus (Jeff Kober). At first, Dex was reluctant to perform this deed. As Dex is (mostly) loyal and trusting, he agreed to follow the orders of his boss. However, Sonny changes his mind and is now racing to stop Dex from completing his harrowing job. What if he fails?

Comfort and Support

And, in another scene, Joss (Courtney Fulk) is in need support. Recently, it seems that she’s been the one to provide help and assistance to those who require it.

Then who better on than your mom? Hypothetically speaking, is Dex’s goal not possible, and that’s the reason she looks to her mother? Perhaps it’s about Adam (Joshua Benard)? Another possible explanation is she’s seeking comfort as she’s grieving Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman).

Stepping up and Stepping Out

Watch out for Nikolas (Adam Huss) Yes, Nikolas — to take the initiative to safeguard his son, Ace. Why is he taking action in the present? Honestly, this feels like a kill two-birds-with-one-stone kind of situation. He’s finally deciding to act as a father and be a good father to Ace (Joey Clay). In addition, he’d like to keep his son away from Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl).

When Trina (Tabyana Ali) is set to spill the Paris travel information on Esme She might prefer to keep the details secret from her. In the end, Esme has her memories of the trip to her. What do you think it would cost to bet that she’ll make every effort to ensure Trina can board that plane to Europe all by herself?

In case you missed them on Friday SoapsSpoiler.Com has your weekly General Hospital spoilers all in one location. They will let you know the things your top Port Charles power players will be doing in the coming days. Make sure you catch up on the action this week by visiting here.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check local listings to find the time of your show. For more information on the upcoming events at Port Charles, check out the most recent GH spoilers.


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