General Hospital 2nd Spoilers January 22, 2024


Anna Frantic as Jordan Disappears

Where did the men who took them Jordan Ashford?

General Hospital spoilers for January 23rd, 2024, include several characters suffering stress about a missing person test, results from tests, and a pending trial.

General Hospital 2nd Spoilers January 22, 2024
Anna Devane worries about Jordan.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

In recent times, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) is doing two jobs. In the first place, she’s working to be Laura’s (Genie Francis) deputy mayor. But there’s a different issue that she’s working ontrying to determine what the name of the shooter Curtis (Donnell Turner). She’s probably onto something since, suddenlly, two men approached her on the docks before disappearing together with her.

This is the thing…she was scheduled to meet to Anna (Finola Hughes) at Charlie’s Pub. Jordan will not simply leave without telling her. It’s not surprising that Anna is concerned about Jordan’s friend. Can the former spy be successful in tracking her in the future? And, if she does then, will Jordan be safe? What were those men?

Charades and Shades of Deception

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) seems to be having a blast playing Scott (Kin Shriner) unaware that she is aware that Scott as well as Lucy (Lynn Herring) are attempting to have her set up. Since she chose to join in with Scott’s affectionate act…for for now. What’s her plan of attack? When will she announce to ensure that Lucy and Scott aren’t likely to extort her money?

Today, Lucy and Martin (Michael E. Knight) are completely off with regards to their relationship. Martin must have noticed she was spending much of her time chatting with Scott. So, if Lucy wants to calm Martin that she’s likely to let Martin know that she’s got eyes for Martin. Also, she’s not committing any sins. Two options.

Anxious Feelings

Feeling a lot of anxiety can be a stressful experience for Curtis. It’s time to discover if the surgery was successful. What happens if he is unable to sense his legs? What happens if he doesn’t feel his legs? In addition, what will his family move on from there?

The final guy to feel the anxiety and stress I’m talking about Finn (Michael Easton). What’s the reason for these uneasy feeling? The trial is coming up. Soon, he’ll discover whether his professional career is going to take an injury from the lawsuit for malpractice.

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General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Look up your local listings to find the airtimes. For more information on the upcoming events on the horizon in Port Charles, check out the latest GH spoilers.


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