General Hospital 3rd Commentary January 7, 2024


A Review By A Critic Of GH: Swerve and a Secret

The author’s opinion on GH is his own. The author’s opinions are scathing and humorous. They’re usually right on target.

General Hospital 3rd Commentary January 7, 2024
Willow Tait, Nikolas Cassadine, and Carly Spencer.

Every fan of General Hospital has an opinion about the show. Soap Hub shares this same sentiment. We watched GH for five days and analyzed the good, bad and everything in-between. Now we give you a review and a cheeky criticism of this week.

General Hospital: The Critic’s Point of View

The week is over, but it wasn’t a “Cliffhanger” Friday, it was more of a “Been there, Done that” — and they did address it.

The crucifixion is underway, as expected. I have to say that I like the way Willow (Katelyn McMullen), takes Michael (Chad Duell), to task for his actions. If only the writers would reveal the secret of Michael conspiring with Dex to hand Sonny (Maurice Benard), over to the authorities. A secret that Carly Wright (Laura Wright), and Josslyn McCoy (Eden McCoy), are all aware of. That’s my money storyline.

More GH Musings

Laura Wright’s portrayal of Carly’s grief at Bobbie’s death is spot on.

* Adam Huss is back! And how wonderful that the writers are making him eager to conspire against Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) with Ava (Maura west), who is his equal when it comes to sleaze. This pair is always stronger together.

It’s true that I won’t get upset if Chris and Dan/Dan & Chris go there, and it wouldn’t even be the first time. This is because Ava and Sonny will soon move in with them. They’re so bad for eachother it’s good.

Laura (Genie France) deserves a lot of credit for her snarling that Esme was the one who forced her into Wyndemere, even though she was in the depths of grief over Bobbie. Laura is the old, sly and clever Laura.

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