General Hospital 3rd News February 13, 2024


Here’s Who Really Betrayed Sonny on General Hospital

A surprise that’s been many times in development is about to happen to GH.

There’s a rogue inside Sonny’s team at General Hospital, and he believes he’s located the culprit…Dex. This means that it’s not Dex but who else could be able to take a stand against the great decent, good and noble, caring dimpled, generous mobster Sonny Corinthos? Some degenerate, we bet. Someone who is petty, low and most of all, ignorant about the virtues, dignity nobleness and generosity. and the dimples of Sonny. This is the person who could be a liar to the mobster.

General Hospital 3rd News February 13, 2024
Sonny thinks he’s caught his mole.

Rival Road

Ava (Maura West) hated Sonny (Maurice Benard). Once. She’s been through the incident since then. They do share one child. In addition, Sonny keeps both Ava and Avery protected from those who tried to murder him. What an amazing prince! So, we are sure Ava would not pursue Sonny because of resentment. But what if she’s actually doing this to thwart Corinthos? Corinthos crime family and reintroduce Jerome as the Jerome one? This is very unlikely, and we’re not convinced Ava is the culprit.

Employee of the Month

Michael (Chad Duell) once worked with Dex (Evan Hoffer) to take down Sonny. Is anyone still able to remember that? Michael isn’t able to recall that. What if Dex isn’t? What happens if Dex is still working in the office — if there’s no bed for him and Joss (Eden McCoy) for instance? It could be that he is creating Sonny up. He is the only one who leaves an assignment unfinished. Of course, this isn’t so evident, especially considering that Sonny is now suspecting his involvement.

Side Piece

But the most likely person fighting Sonny is bound to be…Jason (Steve Burton). Is he not dead? Yes, those living in Port Charles believe. However, as we all are aware that Jason is heading back All the pieces are in place particularly if the person who is directing Jason to abandon the man Jason revered for so many years was the agent John Jagger (John Harrington).

Jagger is also returning to Port Charles. And he’s a Fed. Jagger along with Jason were a pair of bros during the time of their heyday. So, what happens if Jagger was the one who discovered Jason and rehabilitated him and transformed him into a weapon…against his former boss Sonny?


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