General Hospital 3rd News February 14, 2024


Will THIS Happen Now That GH’s Sonny Knows Dex’s Dirty Little Secret?

Sonny realized the full truth.

For the past 2 years General Hospital fans have been waiting for Sonny to discover that his own son had planted his son, Jason, also known as Dex Heller, in Sonny’s criminal organization in order to get him out of the way. Since the 14th episode of February, the truth is revealed, and anything can occur.

General Hospital 3rd News February 14, 2024
Sonny now knows what Carly and Dex have been up to.

Sonny Sees Through Carly’s Lies

It’s funny that the fact Carly (Laura Wright) is in financial trouble was the reason Sonny (Maurice Benard) required to realize that Carly was liar to him by telling her she was who made large deposits to the Dex’s (Evan Hofer) offshore bank account. Carly was able to sneak into scene inside the Pine Barrens to ensure Sonny did not end up killing Dex and then immediately informed him that she was Dex’s secret patron.

Sonny realized that this couldn’t be true because Carly has had to pay the millions to the SEC and is now running an eatery, she purchased for just a dollar, as well as an online magazine since the job was given to her only a couple of weeks ago as an act of revenge. It was amazing that Sonny discovered she that it was Michael (Chad Duell) who was supplying Dex and quickly realized the fact that Dex had been hired in order to collect the dirt from Sonny rather than safeguard his interests.

In the end, Carly had to tell him what she believed to be the truth. In the eyes of Carly, Sonny dating Nina (Cynthia Watros) signified that he was not on the right track and could not be taken care of Carly as well as Michael employed Dex to help and only after Dex was already paid to take Sonny to prison.

Sonny was not convinced by this excuse. Instead, he was shocked and angry at Carly as well as her child for lying to him, securing secrets, and not trusting Sonny to look after himself.

Will Sonny Re-Think His Choices?

For many months, Ava (Maura West) Ava (Maura West) Nina the extent to which Sonny isn’t happy to be lying at and shamed. If you’re members of his family like Nina has done when she handed over Carly as well as Drew (Cameron Mathison) to the SEC He doesn’t accept it the same way. What happens when an individual from his family is robbing out a family member, like Michael was planning to do for an entire year while he paid Dex to collect proof against the father of his son?

Maybe Sonny may come to come to realize that the things Nina was doing to Carly was child’s play to what Michael attempted to do to him. Sure, Sonny was able to change his opinion, but he didn’t confess, which led Michael as well as Carly to betray Sonny for the rest of the year.

Sonny and Nina have not spoken two words since the SEC secrets were revealed but maybe it’s the right time to discuss the events that transpired and gradually return to each other. Being aware of Michael and Carly’s story may not resolve everything for Sonny as well as his spouse, however it could certainly help put things in perspective.


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