General Hospital 3rd News February 20, 2024


Jon Lindstrom, GH’s Jon Lindstrom, Pours His Soul Out to Maurice Benard on SOM

This is a conversation between two amazing actors that you don’t want to miss.

Maurice Benard welcomed his General Hospital costar Jon Lindstrom who played twins Ryan & Kevin for decades with such warmth that the Daytime Emmy nominated was ready to hire him as an agent. The love and honesty were just beginning in this State of Mind Episode, which is brutally honest and inspiring in so many ways.

General Hospital 3rd News February 20, 2024
The two GH stars dig deep.

Opening Up

Benard always has his co-stars start from the beginning, which is to say that they were born, grew up and went to school in Oregon. Lindstrom, who only completed two years of college due to his desire to pursue acting as a career path instead of a secondary option, chose not to attend any other colleges. The two talked about acting coaches, the effects acting can have on actors and how to overcome anxiety.

The following material could cause distress if you or someone you know struggles with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or any other form of mental illness. You are not alone. Proceed with caution.

The question of whether Lindstrom has a history of mental illness or if it runs in his family came up. Without missing a beat, he opened up about the depression that he had suffered. This shed light on the thoughts and feelings a person goes through when they consider suicide. He also shared that it was a family history. He sought help because he didn’t want to cause another tragedy in his family. Lindstrom, who had lost his mother in the summer of 2013, was too emotional to continue at one point.

The actor/writer/director explained how one drug helped him tackle it and move forward. Benard was forced to stop talking for a few moments to tell others how helpful his words would be. He usually leaves this talk for the end. Both agreed that it was important to talk about it openly and without any shame.

The conversation quickly moved on to other topics, such as his love of music and drumming (check out some of the actresses who listened to his band before becoming stars), his difficult decision in music (hint: you’ll understand his choice), and GH, the first time that he met Benard and his wife Cady, as well his new book Hollywood Hustle.


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