General Hospital 3rd News February 21, 2024


General Hospital’s Legal Saga Continues: ABC Loses Bid to Dismiss Vaccine Mandate Case

General Hospital, both a medical saga on screen and a legal drama off-screen, finds itself entangled in the aftermath of its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. While the mandate may have been lifted, the consequences linger, as exemplified by the recent legal proceedings.

General Hospital 3rd News February 21, 2024
Covid-19 vaccine lawsuit moves forward against ABC and GH.

In a recent development, ABC and Disney faced a setback in their attempt to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit filed by two former General Hospital crew members regarding the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Despite Ingo Rademacher’s (ex-Jax) case against Disney and ABC being dismissed, another case, similar in nature, is set to proceed to trial.

Father and son duo, James Wahl and Tim Wahl, raised sincere Christian religious beliefs, seeking an exemption from the mandated vaccines. However, their refusal to comply with the established protocols led to their dismissal from General Hospital. ABC cited an inability to conclude that the Wahls were prevented from receiving the Covid-19 vaccine due to sincerely held religious beliefs, prompting the legal dispute.

While LA Superior Court Judge Stephen Goorvitch dismissed the Wahls’s invasion of privacy claim, he ruled that the case concerning the GH VFX department members will proceed to trial. The trial date has been scheduled for Monday, March 11.

Judge Goorvitch emphasized the complexity of the issue and the necessity for a credibility determination, indicating that the jury should decide whether the Wahls genuinely held their religious beliefs, given the disputed facts.

The legal battle initiated after the Wahls were terminated by ABC and GH in late 2021. Initially suing for religious and disability discrimination in June 2022, the Wahls later dropped disability claims, wrongful termination, and retaliation allegations.

Scott Street, the attorney representing the Wahls, emphasized the significance of the ruling, highlighting the plight of individuals who lost their careers for standing up for their rights against employer mandates. Street expressed determination to hold corporations accountable for violating employees’ rights, echoing the sentiments from Rademacher’s case, where Judge Goorvitch also presided.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it’s a reminder of the enduring impact of the pandemic on various aspects of society, including employment rights and corporate responsibilities.

In the summer of 2020, General Hospital faced disruptions due to the pandemic, airing encore episodes and canceling its annual fan event, underscoring the broader implications of the crisis on the entertainment industry.


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