General Hospital 3rd News February 6, 2024


Introducing Adam Harrington as GH’s New Jagger Cates: What You Should Know

Fans of General Hospital have been buzzing with excitement as FBI agent John “Jagger” Cates makes his return to the screen, but this time with a fresh face. Adam Harrington steps into the role, bringing a new energy to the character once portrayed by Antonio Sabato, Jr.

General Hospital 3rd News February 6, 2024
Adam Harrington as Jagger Cates.

Who is Adam Harrington, and what makes him the perfect fit for Jagger Cates? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of this talented actor and learn more about him.

A Fresh Face in Daytime Drama

While Harrington might be new to the daytime soap opera scene, he’s no stranger to the screen. With a repertoire of primetime and film roles under his belt, including leading parts in Show Me Yours and Whistler, he brings a wealth of acting experience to General Hospital.

From Marine Biology to the Silver Screen

Before pursuing acting full-time, Harrington delved into the depths of marine biology, earning a master’s degree in the field. His background as a scientist and aquarium curator adds a unique dimension to his life experiences.

Surfer at Heart

Despite his inland roots, Harrington has a deep connection to the ocean. A passionate surfer, he often finds solace and exhilaration riding the waves, especially during Memorial Day weekends.

No Stranger to Law Enforcement Roles

Playing FBI agents seems to be a forte for Harrington, having portrayed characters like Agent Jack Brenner on Bosch and Agent Ray Walker on Dexter.

A Model Turned Actor

Harrington’s good looks and charisma are undeniable, evident from his victory in the 1989 University of Guelph College Royal Model Search. His transition from modeling to acting has been seamless, captivating audiences with his talent.

The Voice Behind the Characters

Beyond the screen, Harrington lends his voice to various video game characters, adding depth and personality to roles like Roy Earle in L.A. Noire and Tyson Latchford in Battlefield: Hardline.

A Versatile Narrator

Harrington’s vocal prowess extends beyond video games, as he has narrated numerous TV series and specials, including Discovery’s The Kursk and TLC’s What Not To Wear.

With his diverse background and undeniable talent, Adam Harrington breathes new life into the character of Jagger Cates. As General Hospital continues to captivate audiences, fans eagerly anticipate the twists and turns that Harrington’s portrayal will bring to the beloved series. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with GH’s newest star!


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