General Hospital 3rd News January 23, 2024


GH Alum Kim Delaney reportedly involved in hit and run

The GH actress faces serious charges.

Jackie Templeton, the character of General Hospital, is a journalist with a passion for digging deep into stories. Kim Delaney’s portrayal of Jackie Templeton has now become a story in itself due to an alleged car accident.

General Hospital 3rd News January 23, 2024
Kim Delaney.

Kim Delaney: Upcoming Court Appearances

TMZ reported that Delaney was on her way to the courtroom due to two incidents. First, she is accused of causing an accident that occurred over a period of a year. Dzhamal Bazalov, a man from the Ukraine, has filed documents claiming that Delaney struck his motorcycle in November 2022 when he was riding it at a traffic light. Delaney allegedly drove erratically along Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Badalov claims that some witnesses saw Delaney driving erratically, swerving between lanes before colliding with him. Bystanders prevented the Primetime Emmy (for NYPD Blue), and Daytime Emmy nominated actress, from fleeing.

Badalov claims that Delaney got out of the car and made a call. The person she spoke with offered to pay Badalov off and not to call the police.

Delaney left the scene after being told to do so by the person with whom she was conversing, according to the lawsuit. Badalov has now filed a lawsuit for damages.

Delaney is in for a disappointment. TMZ revealed that a criminal case has been filed against Delaney. She has been charged with hit-and-run. Next week, the fan favorite is expected in court. Delaney has a good friend who, on condition of anonymity, said to SoapsSpoiler.Com that she was “under the influence of an abusive man who gave her bad advice over the phone.” I hope this is the wake-up call Delaney needs to cut those ties with him and get her back on track.

Delaney was an instant hit in 1981 when she played the ingenue Jenny Gardner in All My Children. The romance between Jenny and Greg (Laurence Lau), which was portrayed by Delaney, captured the hearts of many soap lovers. The actress left the soap in 1984, shortly after Greg married Jenny. Jenny died of injuries she sustained when a jet ski exploded.

Delaney had a successful TV career. In 2020 she returned to the daytime in order to reprise her role as Jackie Templeton from GH, which Demi Moore originated in 1982. Delaney’s last appearance on GH was in 2021.


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