General Hospital 3rd News January 31, 2024


Did We Really Just See the End of Spencer Cassadine from GH’s Spencer Cassadine?

Do us (and Trina) ever see Spencer ever again?

Young General Hospital hero Spencer Cassadine was riding a high before taking the plunge literally. He’s now floating on the River Seine with Esme Prince and is likely to not make it up to air.

General Hospital 2nd News January 31, 2024
Esme and Spencer have a tense encounter.

Esme Destruction of Sprina’s Joy

A romantic cruise on the Seine was turned to Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) worst nightmare on the 31st of January when Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) enjoyed their romantic time and made it into a threatening revenge plot. Sure, Esme wanted her son back however, she didn’t care that she would have to kill Spencer to achieve her goal. Not an act that a selfless mother would take on.

Spencer and Trina believed that they were the best and believed they’d have an unforgettable semester in Paris However, Esme had different ideas. When Trina was able to see the young psychopath in her bedroom, she was aware of trouble. However, she could think fast, break free from her tie, loose after Esme put her in an area on the deck and pick up a heavy object that would knock her out.

Unfortunately, the truth is that neither Spencer or Trina considered tying Esme up when she was unconscious, so they grabbed that Syringe, which soon earned her the name on social media”The Drugger. “The Drugger.

Spencer’s Last Stand?

After returning to the deck Spencer as well as Trina considered themselves safe. But Esme came out of the blue and attacked Spencer with a Syringe. Trina’s protests caused them both falling off the deck into the freezing water.

The winter before the pregnant Esme was thrown over the Wyndemere parapet and into the freezing river below, only to end into The Haunted Star. In the spring of last year, Spencer was thought to be dead in Greenland after The Haunted Star blew up. In the winter of this year both characters could have finally seen the end of their days in the French rendition of The Haunted Star.

Many fans will be relieved that Esme will not be around after all these years, Spencer will be sorely missed. His love affair with Trina has put Chavez along with Ali in the front page of PEOPLE magazine in the year 2000 But now, Chavez’s shines higher than ever before in his character in the Daytime Emmy winner films Netflix’s Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez story.

Chavez started filming on December 1st and is expected to be away from GH for a period of time This means that Spencer is presumed dead as of now. As he climbs to fame on the big screen there is speculation that Chavez is unlikely to return to GH for any reason or, if there is a return, it would only be to conclude Spencer’s story. This could be the last we’ve seen of Spencer Cassadine as he was — or perhaps the last time we’ve seen of Spencer Cassadine forever.


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