General Hospital 3rd News January 4, 2024


Rick Springfield Pays Tribute to Jacklyn Zeman in GH: Celebrating 60 Years of Stars & Stories

Renowned artist Rick Springfield, who initially graced the General Hospital screens as Dr. Noah Drake in the early 1980s, is set to participate in the upcoming General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars & Storytelling special, scheduled to air tonight.

General Hospital 3rd News January 4, 2024
The rock star recalls working with Jacklyn Zeman.

Springfield, fondly recalling his time as Dr. Noah Drake, expressed his enthusiasm for being involved in the commemorative event. He revealed that he contributed a brief tribute to his longtime colleague, Jacklyn Zeman, during the special. Springfield eagerly embraced the opportunity, stating, “You don’t have something in common with every single person you work with, but Jackie was always the one I saw after I left the show.”

The singer/actor, best known for his iconic hit “Jessie’s Girl,” emphasized his gratitude towards Zeman, acknowledging her pivotal role in his career. Despite the fictional demise of their characters’ relationship on-screen, Springfield remembers Noah and Bobbie as one of General Hospital’s most beloved couples.

Reflecting on their on-screen chemistry, Springfield shared, “Jackie was responsible for me getting the gig. I did the screen test with her and Gloria Monty, the genius behind GH’s huge success in the ’80s, and she asked her who was the right guy for the part, and she said me. So, she was responsible for that success for me. I owe her a great deal.”

Sadly, Zeman passed away on May 10, 2023, after a brief battle with cancer. General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars & Storytelling is set to air on Thursday, January 4, on ABC at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with availability on the streaming platform Hulu the following day. Springfield, currently on tour to support his latest album, “Automatic,” took time out of his busy schedule to honor his cherished friend and co-star.


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