General Hospital 3rd News January 5, 2024


Ingo Rademacher Expresses Candid Thoughts in the Wake of Steve Burton’s Return to General Hospital

The recent revelation of Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital has stirred up a whirlwind of opinions, and one voice not to be left unheard is that of Ingo Rademacher. While some fans celebrate Burton’s comeback, Rademacher, who played Jax on the show, has shared his perspective on the unfolding events.

General Hospital 3rd News January 5, 2024
Ingo Rademacher.

Both Burton and Rademacher departed from the popular ABC daytime drama due to Disney’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Refusing to comply with the vaccination requirement, they chose to leave the show. However, their paths post-departure diverged significantly. Burton left on amicable terms, expressing love for the show he considered his “family.” In contrast, Rademacher left behind a contentious aftermath, even going so far as to take legal action against the network.

After Burton’s appearance on “General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling,” Rademacher took to Instagram to release a video recorded on January 1, shedding light on his ongoing lawsuit against ABC Disney, currently in the appeals process.

While congratulating Burton on his return, Rademacher delves into the details of his departure and the legal battle, stating, “I know some of you are going to say, well, if you wouldn’t have sued them, maybe you could’ve come back too, but that’s not true.” According to Rademacher, during the discovery process, it was revealed that the network was actively exploring ways to terminate his contract, citing disagreements over his political and social views.

The actor’s video aims to set the record straight, questioning whether viewers, regardless of their stance on his views, believe in freedom of speech. Rademacher emphasizes the importance of supporting basic rights such as medical and religious freedom, alluding to the notion that his departure was more than just a result of the vaccine mandate.

In California, where Rademacher’s employment with GH unfolded, employers are restricted from discriminatory actions. However, his refusal to comply with the vaccine mandate led to his departure from the show. The video further exposes emails and texts from those associated with the show, discussing plans to part ways with Rademacher before the contract’s conclusion.

As Rademacher’s appeal unfolds, the future remains uncertain. The actor’s candid revelations and allegations bring to light the complexities of the situation, leaving fans curious about the fate of one of General Hospital’s former stars.


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