General Hospital 4th News February 15, 2024


Here’s How Baby Ace Can Solve THIS GH Storyline with One Coo

This is the perfect person to take care of Esme and Nik’s cute little boy.

General Hospital 4th News February 15, 2024
Ace could be the answer to one couple’s prayers.

Baby Ace was seen at General Hospital recently. Sadly, for the baby with big eyes his mother, Esme, is presumed to be dead. His dad, Nikolas, who temporarily took him hostage, will be being held in prison for the other kidnapping he carried out. Additionally, Big Brother Spencer, who had a desire to be Daddy for Ace from the beginning and then went too far with Esme. It’s left the grandparents Laura as well as Great-Uncle Kevin to care for the child. (Surely nobody would ever suggest handing over custody over to Crazy Nana Heather…would they?) However, we have an idea that is better.

Been There, Done That

Laura (Genie Francis) could not have been the mother of Nikolas (Adam Huss). Also, she was in a coma for the majority the duration of her (Emme Rylan) childhood. She was a mom for Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) throughout his growing up years. She also had control of Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). The point here is that Laura has been in the trenches of child-rearing. Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) is, on his part, never had a child, Livie, nor any other children who were a bit sloppy that came to him. He might want to experience the same. But is he up to it? The man was hit on the head with the shape of a vase that resembles toilets. Let him recover.

Back-Up Plan

There’s a person who hasn’t had children, but suddenly would like to. Molly (Kristen Vaganos, . Molly suddenly needs to have a child along with TJ (Tajh Bellow) at the point that they initially engaged a surrogate that had allegedly miscarried, and then let Kristina (Kate Mansi) to have a baby on their behalf. We’re assuming Kristina might alter her mind sooner than later. In the meantime, before we’re forced endure another week of Molly whining, why don’t we allow her to raise Baby Ace?

Happy Ending

Ace receives a mother and dad who are young enough to be able to keep pace with the toddler. Molly and TJ get to become parents. Kristina keeps her child and take care of it as Ace’s cousin. Everyone is happy. Like all the wonderful people of Port Charles, forever will remain.


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