General Hospital 4th News February 2, 2024


The GH: Comings and Goings Joshua Benard Checks Out

Adam is away from the canvas for the moment.

Adam as played by the son of Maurice Benard, Joshua Benard, survived his suicide attempt at General Hospital, but the actor is now wrapping his time in Joss’s college troubled buddy. It’s good to know that that the doors are to Adam’s return.

General Hospital 4th News February 2, 2024
Joshua Benard.

Joshua Benard: Adam’s Out

After appearing on a few occasions in GH playing Joss or Trina’s) college buddy Adam, GH expanded his role and provided Benard his own emotional character takes on. In the episode, Adam, who was pre-med, was deeply disappointed in his inability to meet the standards his parents wanted from his character.

The pressure grew on the actor and Adam ran off with the vodka of his roommate and tried to go out. Luckily, Joss (played temporarily by Courtney Fulk) found him at the right time and brought the patient into General Hospital. With the help of his friends, Adam came to realize that he must live life to the fullest rather than trying to meet the expectations of other people.


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