General Hospital 6th News February 20, 2024


Sonny serves divorce papers to Nina — Reality vs. Reality

Sonny didn’t give Nina the heads-up. Ouch.

Sonny surprised Nina on Tuesday, February 20, when Diane served divorce papers to his wife. Since Nina’s secret was revealed, there has been no relationship between Sonny & Nina. Did we really think that a divorce would be imminent? Not yet.

General Hospital 6th News February 20, 2024
On Sonny’s orders, Diane serves up bad news to Nina.


Since New Year’s Eve both Sonny (Maurice Benard), and Nina, (Cynthia Watros), have experienced downward spirals. However, they are on separate paths. Nina is dealing with the consequences of her actions. The consequences of being the one who turned Drew (Cameron Mathison), Carly (Laura Wright), and Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight), into the SEC. She became an outcast in the town.

Nina had to deal with everyone finding out about her secret in 2024. She also faced threats of retaliation, harsh words, harsh words and other synonyms for anger and revenge. She is also not new to taking revenge.

Sonny has been on his own road of trouble since the New Year. He has faced isolation, betrayals and assassination efforts. This is mostly coming from his family and staff. It’s worrying that he’s in such a dark mental place.

We were expecting a period silence. Sonny’s entire family suffered because of Nina’s actions. The mob boss’s family is his top priority, so it was no surprise that he would completely exclude his wife. We thought at some point that the icy cold resolve of the mob boss would melt, and they would get closer to reconciliation. Their love, which began in Nixon Falls, would triumph. It didn’t work out that way.

The Reality

Sonny avoids Nina at all times, and he does so in record time. He may say two words, but that is all. He barely notices that this war is taking place between Drew/Carly, Nina and him. He doesn’t bother to intervene in what he knows. He won’t talk to Ava about her, the only person who could put in a positive word for her.

While Nina and Sonny live in different dimensions and seem to be separated by space, he feels the closest he’s ever felt with Ava (Maura west). This development should concern Nina fans. Nina (James Patrick Stuart), and Valentin are doing something where they fight each other. Valentin bought The Invader, and Nina was made its publisher. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is now the boss of The Invader.

Sonny also ordered Diane (Carolyn Hennesy), to deliver an envelope. Nina’s divorce papers had to be served by the lawyer. Nina, as well as we, were shocked. The terms of divorce were straightforward and cold. Their relationship was clearly in limbo. Their relationship is now on fumes and has little chance of reviving. Nina is just one of many people Sonny believes have betrayed his trust. He wants nothing to do them.

Can Sonny Nina save the marriage that collapsed after only a few months? Nina will Nina follow Valentin’s advice and not give Sonny a divorce. Will Sonny ever get out of the haze of victimization, depression, and hopelessness he’s been in? What is next for these two people? What do you think of the outcome?


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