General Hospital Comings and Goings February 10, 2024


General Hospital Comings and Goings: Superstar Back Taping

You can expect to see familiar faces.

Who’s leaving or joining General Hospital? Are any of your favorites from the past appearing on the drama’s daytime programming this week, or in the near future? Here’s the latest casting announcements on ABC’s soap. ABC soap.

General Hospital Comings and Goings February 10, 2024
This fan favorite is almost home.

The Week of February 12, 2024

The return of Jason Morgan is inching closer. Steve Burton began taping scenes as his wildly popular GH alter-ego this week and is scheduled to air his comeback to soaps on 3rd March. The character last appeared for the ABC soap in 2021 in which he was seen dying in an explosion in a tunnel on Cassadine Island. Burton first was seen on GH in the year 1991.

There’s a lot of speculation about how Jason will do when his return and with whom Jason will be paired up with. Will he continue the story from where he left off when he was with Carly (Laura Wright) or will Jason be drawn back to Sam (Kelly Monaco) or Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)?

Jacqueline Grace Lopez is back as Blaze on 13 February. Watch out at Molly (Kristen Vaganos) to find out that the actress as well as her sister Kristina (Kate Mansi) are in a relationship. What is her reaction, and will Molly think about if this was the right moment for Kristina to be expecting?


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