General Hospital Comings and Goings February 2, 2024


The GH Comings and Goings”Meet the New Jagger Cates

General Hospital fans were astonished when they watched the episode on February 2 when Anna finally realized the FBI agent who was helping her track her down one of those villains. It is Jagger Cates, the long-gone Port Charles resident originally played by Antonio Sabato Jr.

General Hospital Comings and Goings February 2, 2024
Adam Harrington plays the new Jagger.

PC’s Jagger Has been Recast.

Adam Harrington is playing this new version of Jagger. Although Harrington is a newcomer to soaps but he’s not new to the world of television. He has starred on several primetime series like S.W.A.T., Station 19, NCIS, Bosch, and, most recent, The Lincoln Lawyer. According to IMDB Harrington has an MA of marine biology.

When we first met Jagger at the back of Bobbie’s house speaking to Carly (Laura Wright) and he said his time working at the restaurant, and we were sure he was to be a person that was from Port Charles past. Before we realized who he was we were informed that Jagger was a parent of an autistic son. This was evident when he could immediately form a become friends the Olivia’s (Lisa LoCicero) autistic son, Leo (Easton Rocket Sweda).

Jagger first stepped onto the Port Charles scene more than 30 years ago in the year 1992 and instantly fell in love with Scott Baldwin’s (Kin Shriner) daughter, Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) However, Scott did not know that the girl was his at the time.

He was a brother to Michael ‘Stone’ Cates (Michael Sutton) came to town too and started an unlucky romance in with Robin Scorpio. Jagger along with Karen had quit town when Stone died of AIDS in the year 1995.

We’re still waiting to find out how Jagger’s life outside of Port Charles is like now and the people he’s with We can’t wait to find out soon.


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