General Hospital Commentary December 24, 2023


Could GH’s Spencer and Trina Take the Plunge?

Is the General Hospital power couple ready to walk down the aisle?

General Hospital Commentary December 24, 2023
Should this GH couple take the next step?

The romantic journey for Trina and Spencer on General Hospital has been nothing short of captivating. Their recent enchanting trip to New York solidified their status as Port Charles’ most dynamic young couple, and Spencer appears to be easing up on his intense focus on his baby brother, Ace. However, with Ace’s mother, Esme, regaining her memories, the dynamics might shift. This raises the question of whether now is the opportune—or perilous—moment for Spencer to propose.

Trina Robinson and Spencer Cassadine: The Pros Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) could make a bold statement by taking their relationship to the next level. Their declaration would be clear: They’re young, deeply in love, and committed for the long haul, impervious to interference from anyone—be it Portia (Brook Kerr), Nikolas (Adam Huss), or especially Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). With Esme potentially reverting to her devious ways, attempting to ensnare Spencer using Ace, an engagement might be the perfect shield. Busy with wedding plans and envisioning a shared future, Spencer could be less susceptible to Esme’s manipulations.

The Cons However, the downsides are evident. Trina and Spencer are both exceptionally young, with Trina yet to complete college, and Spencer yet to embark on that journey. Spencer’s lack of direction for his future poses a significant challenge. As Trina progresses with her education and plans for a career, the disparity between their paths may become more pronounced. Engaging in long-term commitments is generally considered an adult decision, and Spencer, by all means, is still navigating the complexities of adolescence.

Moreover, with Ace gradually becoming more independent, attending school and entering his teenage years, it might not be healthy for Trina to be the focal point of Spencer’s world. Spencer’s lack of direction further complicates matters. While engagements typically signify a mature step forward, Spencer may still be grappling with the uncertainties of youth.

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