General Hospital Commentary December 27, 2023


The Future of Esme Prince on General Hospital: A Delicate Balance

Intriguing Developments Surrounding Esme Prince’s Return to GH

General Hospital Commentary December 27, 2023
Will her scheming GH ways return?

A General Hospital Christmas surprise unfolded as Esme Prince finally regained her memories, shedding light on her tumultuous past in 2023. This revelation carries significant implications not only for avid fans questioning the authenticity of her amnesia but also for characters like Trina and Joss, who may now pursue justice for the wrongs committed against them. However, the pivotal question remains: Will Esme choose redemption or revert to her devious ways, following the transformative journey she embarked on since the birth of Ace?

Esme Prince: Embracing Motherhood

Even prior to losing her memory, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) exhibited a deep love for her child. Her commitment to being a devoted mother stems from her firsthand experience of having a neglectful mother, as highlighted during her time with Heather (Alley Mills). Perhaps motivated by her newfound maternal instincts, Esme may resist the temptation to return to her former self for the sake of Ace.

Navigating Troubled Waters

Yet, what if Ace’s safety is jeopardized? Under such circumstances, Esme might find herself compelled to employ her scheming tactics of old, especially if she perceives threats to Ace’s well-being, such as losing Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) attention or, worse, Nikolas’s (Adam Huss) financial support. In this delicate balance, Esme’s protective instincts as a mother may drive her to unexpected actions.

A Time for Reflection

The most prudent course of action would be for Esme to gradually reconcile the contrasting aspects of her identity—the past and the present. The current Esme appears to be thriving, with a beloved child, Spencer’s attention (albeit limited), and a safe distance from Nikolas. The support of Laura (Genie Francis) further solidifies her position. However, should circumstances change, Esme’s versatile skill set equips her to fiercely protect Ace and secure whatever is necessary, not only for her son but also for herself.

General Hospital enthusiasts can catch the unfolding drama on weekdays on ABC. Be sure to consult your local listings for specific airtimes. For a sneak peek into the upcoming events in Port Charles, explore the latest GH spoilers.


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