General Hospital Commentary December 31, 2023


Maura West’s December Brilliance: Unveiling Ava Jerome’s Layers on General Hospital

General Hospital Commentary December 31, 2023
Maura West plays the complex Ava on GH

In the month of December, General Hospital enthusiasts were treated to a spectacular display of talent by Daytime Emmy-winner Maura West. Portraying the enigmatic Ava Jerome, West’s performances were nothing short of a daily gift, captivating audiences with a unique blend of emotions and intensity.

The month kicked off with Ava receiving a mysterious note linked to Austin’s murder, setting the stage for a storyline that would keep viewers hooked. West’s portrayal of Ava recounting the events to her confidante Nina infused the narrative with a depth that transcended typical soap opera recaps. Emotions like fear and frustration were masterfully woven into Ava’s storytelling, making it a compelling and engaging experience for the audience.

Ava’s unapologetic attitude and resilience were on full display as she navigated the aftermath of Austin’s death, dealing with blackmail and false accusations. West’s ability to bring out the complexities of Ava’s character made her more than just a typical soap opera figure; she became a force to be reckoned with.

The drama reached its peak when Ava confronted Cyrus, accusing him of Austin’s murder. Dressed in sophistication, Ava’s confrontation showcased West’s talent in portraying Ava as a formidable force, ready to expose the criminal underbelly. The visual contrast between Ava’s elegance and Cyrus’s humility added a layer of intrigue to the scene.

Later in the month, West demonstrated her versatility as Ava’s vulnerable side emerged during interactions with Carly, played by Laura Wright. The on-screen dynamic between Ava and Carly, though far from amicable, revealed the actresses’ ability to create a captivating narrative. Ava’s guarded exterior crumbled under Carly’s persistence, revealing a depth that added richness to her character.

A pivotal moment arrived as Ava opened up to Sonny, portrayed by Maurice Benard, revealing another facet of her character. West’s performance in this scene showcased Ava’s multifaceted nature, seamlessly balancing strength and vulnerability. The chemistry between West and Benard brought an additional layer to Ava’s character, making her more relatable to the audience.

In December, Maura West delivered a tour de force performance, solidifying Ava Jerome as one of the standout female characters in daytime drama. Her ability to navigate between strength and vulnerability, coupled with her undeniable on-screen charisma, left viewers eagerly anticipating each episode. Brava to Maura West for consistently delivering a nuanced and captivating portrayal of Ava Jerome.

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