General Hospital Commentary February 11, 2024


Which General Hospital Woman Will Bring Jason Morgan Back?

Many Port Charles choices, and only one mobster around, unfortunately.

Jason has been believed to be dead at General Hospital in the past. This means that his return to General Hospital isn’t a major issue. He is aware that Sonny will greet him with all of his arms for him to return to an existence of criminality. The children of his will also be with him, as they are the only ones regarding the issue. But what is love? Which one of the love relationships will be the one that brings Jason into Port Charles?

General Hospital Commentary February 11, 2024
Jason will be returning before you know it.

Married to the Mob

Jason (Steve Burton) is a fan of the mob lifestyle. His family did not understand or accept the gangster lifestyle. The same is true of most of his female friends Jason has had a relationship with. Who wouldn’t have a problem being married to a mob? Ava (Maura West). Ava is mafia’s princess. She and Jason could be an ideal pair! They met one another after Jason returned from death at the end of last week.

Baby Mama

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was married to Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) at the time she and Jason were conceived by Jason Jake (Hudson West) The two never had an opportunity. Now, her husband Franco (Roger Howarth) has passed away. Also, her relationship to Finn (Michael Easton) is…dull. Jason’s girlfriend, Sam (Kelly Monaco) is living in a relationship with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). There is nothing stopping Jason or Liz from getting married today!

Back To the Beginning

Jason is the very first man Carly (Laura Wright) had a relationship together at Port Charles, and she did not quite get over the fact that he was her boyfriend. They eventually got married after Sonny (Maurice Benard) was believed to be dead, however, Jason came back, and it was a mistake! The couple remained together, but Sonny and Carly ended up splitting apart. The relationship between her and Drew, his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison) is…basically an exchange of Jason substitute. When Jason is back, Carly is likely to make a move to follow him. Drew who?

Always There

In the end, Sam is the love of Jason’s life. This is not only because they have the same child, Danny. Jason isn’t concerned about his kids – or does not show the same respect in a typical way. However, it does not matter that she’s in a relationship in love with Dante (who is still a fan of the comatose Lulu). The two of them were created to be. They always will be.


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