General Hospital Commentary February 18, 2024


A Critic’s Review of General Hospital: Hello, Judas, Goodbye Dex?

The author’s thoughts regarding GH are hers only hers. Be aware that everything is built on emotions, regardless of whether it’s correct or not.

General Hospital Commentary February 18, 2024
Sonny Corinthos, Ava Jerome, Danny Morgan

When it concerns General Hospital, every fan has their own opinions – which is why SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. Over the course of 5 days, we watched the good or the bad, and everything between. We are here to lead with optimism. However, sometimes we don’t achieve what we desire. This is a summary of GH’s week that included Sonny finding out why Michael employed Dex and the consequences of the betrayal.

What I Am Feeling This Week: Sonny Corinthos, Party of One

I’ve been waiting almost a decade to see the Michael (Chad Duell)/Dex (Evan Hofer) secret to come to dawn of the day. The reveal didn’t unfold the way I expected it to. It’s a relief to know that it’s all over and now we can go ahead. But before we do that, I’d like to share my two favourite moments from this storyline from the week.

Moment #1: Sonny (Maurice Benard) thought Michael was Dex’s patron after quickly determining Carly (Laura Wright) did not have the funds to pay for such large sums of money. Naturally this was the result of Carly tried to shield her son by saying she was the person who was hired by Dex.

Moment 2: Michael walked into Sonny’s office and the first word Sonny told him was “Hello, Judas.” I might or might not have replayed that scene several times.

Now I’m thinking about what it will take to get the anger and bad blood to fade away. Since I don’t care about how the characters spin things. In the end of the day Michael employed Dex for the sole goal of obtaining sufficient evidence against Sonny for him to be sent to prison. Additionally, the two of them, Carly as well as Joss (Eden McCoy) knew about the dangerous relationship. Will these grudges be able to stand?

Yes, players did change their minds…down the road. However, it happened. They kept the information to them. It’s almost as dangerous as locating evidence that is incriminating to Sonny and then, eventually choosing to throw it away. This is what Sonny is determined to ignore Nina (Cynthia Watros) over. That’s not all, but she was a target for his ex-wife.

In the end, this week my head was aching from the lies and half-truths of omission as well as revisionist history said to Sonny. Dex stated that he was a hired gun to guard Sonny and that’s exactly the reason he did it. What? In what universe? Sure, there’s a little of what took place. But that’s not the only thing that happened.

In the end, Sonny didn’t kill Dex. He let the man go and then set him up in a different location. Because a living Dex is a threat to his family and friends. The disappearance of Dex has consequences However. He is unable to be sure Joss where he’s been and, therefore Dex as well as Joss are prepared for a proper soap-opera separation. The soapy couples all go through this. Sorry, Joss.

I loved Sonny’s reaction to Joss saying she doesn’t like him. It was like taking a skin was off his back and then he left the door. Yikes. The issue is that Sonny’s universe shrinks by the minute. The only people in it are Avery (Ava Scarola and Grace Scarola), Ava (Maura West) as well as Donna (Scarlett Spears). Would anyone like to place bets on Sonny beginning to drink again? It was a habit that was able to be cured after the two of them Nina had a relationship. If he doesn’t have his main support…his family, who could occur to him?

But, most importantly, who can get him out of the situation? In the end, he’s an easy potential target.

Other GH Thoughts

The most frustrating interaction Dark!Drew (Cameron Mathison) believing that Nina hasn’t ever suffered any shame because she’s not been in jail. It is a source of irritation for me that certain characters aren’t permitted to discuss their past. In addition, Drew been in prison as well, he was also kept captive by Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) and all the other humiliations Drew has endured. It’s not a secret that. But doesn’t he have any idea the extent to which Nina was harmed by the actions of her mother? A stolen baby along with 20 years spent in an induced condition known as a coma. What’s the matter? Find several ways to be insulting Nina.

Danny Morgan Danny Morgan: I ended in liking the scenes that featured Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) being in trouble and facing Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). The first thing is that it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Danny Morgan. Sure, it’s taking place since Jason (Steve Burton) is heading to return. Jason’s shadow has already begun in the air.

Ace’s New World: I also loved the aspect the characters Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom, the author of Hollywood Hustle) are legally adopting Ace following Spencer’s absence as well as Nikolas going to jail. Jay Joey Clay and Jay Joey Clay are freakin’ adorable, and I want for them to have a significant storyline to allow us to get to see more of them.

Mob Hits: Whoa! even being able to hear that name “Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker)” this week brought back a lot of strange memories. But this time her death was a factor in the reasons John!Jagger (Adam John. Harrington) is back…the mysterious man who is targeting mobster gangs across the nation. The support system is falling apart around him. He could benefit from one or two shields.

Super Scene Partners The week we had Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Ava — who had fantastic scenes and emotional due to Trina’s circumstance. They are connected and are close to each other as families. Also, Laura and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). And with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) absent from the scene the two don’t always have time to talk. However, Elizabeth brought diapers to Ace was a pleasant conversation (well at least, the majority in reality, but however, not everything).

Next, Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante, and Jordan (Tanisha Harper). They can work together in investigations as they please. They’re a powerful trio, as is my opinion. Finally, Nina and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). I love them as close friends who actively assist each other.

Random Comments:

“Gregory (Gregory Harrison) resided at the MetroCourt Hotel this whole time? He’s so wealthy to do this. Why didn’t I be aware that this was the place he lived?

Tracy (Jane Elliot) laughing at Lucy (Lynn Herring) sleeping with Scott (Kin Shriner) hilarious. I love it.

In the meantime, Gregory tried to keep Tracy from exaggerating. When will Gregory leave Tracy to her own devices?

I’m hoping that the Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) story continues to unfold after her mom arrives in town.

I love Nina’s expressions on her face when Dark!Drew drew a barrel over to face her.

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