General Hospital Commentary February 22, 2024


Here’s The Reasons Nina deserves all the hate On General Hospital

Do you think Sonny and Carly giving her forgiveness?

General Hospital Commentary February 22, 2024
Nina Reeves.

Nina Reeves Corinthos is the most dangerous person to ever be infected with the sanctity of General Hospital. It’s an act to commit an offense. What person in Port Charles hasn’t committed a crime, or even twelve? The act of committing a crime is forgiveness. It is a sin to be accepted as a gift. It’s the Christian way to go. But what about snitching on a crime? Do you consider yourself a stool pigeon? and for selfish, self-serving motives? This isn’t even the Pale! Anybody is prone to make a mistake and be guilty of committing an offense. However, reporting a crime is an intentional, sinister act. There is no mercy.

Truth or Dare

There is no doubt that the bleeders of you may argue the fact that Nina (Cynthia Watros) simply stated the truth. Why is that important? Truth is a weapon that is used to harm people and nothing more. Anna (Finola Hughes) admitted the truth after she figured out that Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) had been stalking her and harassing her. Did Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) satisfy? No! Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) said the truth when she claimed that Nikolas (Adam Huss) kept her prisoner. And now Laura’s (Genie Francis) son is being held in jail. Do you see? The truth is objectively bad thing, told only by people who are objectively untruthful.

Take Your Time

Some might say to Sonny (Maurice Benard) shouldn’t be rushing his split from Nina. He ought to take time to consider whether it’s actually what he’s looking for.

Do you know anyone who takes the time to consider things? Indecisive people. This isn’t the person Sonny is and that is why Sonny already provided Nina with divorce documents. If Sonny had paused to think things through, he could be a bit more cautious about shooting Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). He may be a bit more cautious about shooting Carly (Laura Wright). He may not have rejected Brenda (Vanessa Marcil). Imagine how awful his life might be now!

One Way Out

Nina has reported Carly as well as Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) crime. Who else would commit a crime similar to such a thing? Sonny is entitled to be angry; he has every right to terminate his relationship and has every right to ask everyone else in Port Charles to do the similar thing. In the end, if Sonny does what he wants to the right way, it’s not wrong.


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