General Hospital Commentary February 4, 2024


Another One-Night Stand at GH in honor of Sonny as well as Ava?

Are they thinking of the poor Nina in the event of this happening?

Last time Sonny and Ava had a sex session in General Hospital, they were in a crypt, and it was a way to demonstrate how much they hated one another.

General Hospital Commentary February 4, 2024
Could something happen between Sonny and Ava?

Sex And the Crypt

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was enraged by Ava (Maura West) for sleeping with his son Morgan (Bryan Craig) and Ava was angry at Sonny for being angry with Ava for sleeping alongside Morgan. The two slept together the other. This was logical for them, even if it didn’t to us.

This little snippet of crypt sexual relations caused the birth of baby Avery (Ava along with Grace Scarola). Sonny as well as Ava have been a bit of a snobby couple ever since. Recently, however their cold relationship has been warming. Since Sonny is furious over his new wife, Nina (Cynthia Watros) Is it the right time for Sonny and Ava to have a sex session without the rage this time?

Till the time they die Do They Part

Although Sonny may be enraged by Nina, but he is still in love with Nina and wouldn’t ever cheat with her. This would deny her much moral high ground, and we all are aware that Sonny is not a fan of this.

Sisters Before Misters

We should not forget the fact that Ava (Maura West) and Nina are close friends. Both of them have more than one of them. Ava would not want to lose her best friend. or to be at risk of getting pregnant once more. In light of the things Nina had done the first time she was pregnant. (In all fairness she was in the stage of a psychotic break when she gave birth to Avery and abducted her.)

Done Deal

But then again, Sonny and Ava have never had a real relationship prior to that. It’s a new experience for them both. In the beginning they were bitter and abrasive. They’ve now collaborated and erased some of their animosity. Maybe they’d like to find out what “I do not absolutely love you” sexual sex looks similar to.

One More Time

What’s the difference between a romantic affair and a one-night fling? Ava and Sonny have a night of sleep, believing it could be something else than it actually is. Since Nina is Ava’s close friend. Because Sonny still loves Nina. and because Avery does not need any additional siblings.


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