General Hospital Commentary February 7, 2024


Why Esme Is Gone for Good From GH

Do you think she will ever return to GH and be more savage than ever?

Esme and Spencer did not have enough fun at General Hospital, and while it’s probable that Cassadine’s scionand the grandchild of Port Charles mayor Laura Collins — will find his return home at some point What about his former lover and longtime foe, Esme Prince?

General Hospital Commentary February 7, 2024
Esme Prince.

Brush It Off

In the grand world of the things Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) isn’t really guilty of this horrible of an act. She enticed Nikolas (Adam Huss) to induce pregnant? Who hasn’t done it once — or perhaps a half-dozen times? Then, framed Trina (Tabyana Ali) for some crime she didn’t do? A few people make a career from that act. Are you a victim of a psychotic, criminal parent? Esme’s (Maurice Benard) children are left with no choices. If they could all get forgiveness from the other kids, why wouldn’t Esme?

Back Pocket

Esme was a fantastic character. Port Charles can always use someone to stir things up. Esme shouldn’t be back immediately, but next time that things seem tranquil and calm it is a good idea to come back. Particularly since Esme is still stuck with one big item of business that is not completed. Nik was her son. Only one person on Earth Esme truly is a lover who loves her unconditionally. There’s no way she’s leaving her beloved baby Ace on the streets by himself. He is dependent on his mother!

Evil Is as Evil Does

But pursuing Ace does not necessarily mean Esme must reform. Both of them don’t have to be in sync. In fact, the search for Ace will only beg Esme to burn the earth, and to destroy anyone who gets in her way. It doesn’t mean only Ace.

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is the person who gave the bag of trash away. He has to pay for it. Trina supported him. Ditto. All the good Port Charles residents Port Charles who approved of Esme being separated from her son must experience the full force Esme’s fury. As we relax and enjoy the popcorn.


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