General Hospital Commentary January 18, 2024


“GH’s” Laura Collins Decides What’s Best for Ace

It will be Nicholas or Esme to win the GH winner?

Laura Collins is out to defend her grandson Ace’s interests over everything else at General Hospital. She was present in the moment Esme was born to him. She provided Esme an apartment to live in and defended her when other person believed she’d changed her mind and was willing to take any action for her beloved baby boy. Now, Ace’s dad, Nikolas, has the baby and thinks it’s time to take an opportunity to raise his son, and has accepted his place. Which side will Laura decide to take?

General Hospital Commentary January 18, 2024
What will Laura Collins do about baby Ace?

Laura Collins: Blood Is thinner than water.

Laura (Genie Francis) was a member of Team Esme (Avery Kristen Kohl) at the time she was Ace’s sole parent…and was the sole way Laura could meet her grandson was through television. However, now when Nikolas (Adam Huss) is the baby and is a horse of an entirely different shade. Laura has a heartfelt love for her loved ones and has a love for Nikolas. The man is now an adult. Esme is a kid. Nikolas has the ability to offer Ace anything he wants. Esme remains dependent on the generosity of other people. He could be a more effective guardian.

Past Performance

However, it wasn’t just that Nik keep Esme in a cell throughout her pregnancy, but an equally impressive work he put into to raise Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). The number of times Nik let go of Spencer for his other pursuits. In spite of his involved, who is able to remember how snotty, weird and self-confident brat Spencer was? If Laura is looking to have another accident in her future, Esme still seems like the best choice for a parent to Ace.

Neutral Zone

However, at the final analysis, Laura will refuse to be a part of any side, other than Ace’s. The child deserves both parents and a steady education. That’s the kind of thing Ace should be able to provide the most. While Laura is in the background to make sure that his parents don’t ruin the whole thing enough. That’s when she’ll intervene.


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