General Hospital Commentary January 21, 2024


Off-Screen Moments: What GH Should Have Shown with Lucas Jones

We were forced to think of that GH reunion.

Lucas Jones returned to General Hospital to attend his mother’s Bobbie’s funeral. Lucas Jones also…we think…met the angel of his sister BJ. The only thing that was lost in the mix was a snide comment made by Michael in which he said that Lucas was helping him with Wiley. Lucas. Helped out. With Wylie. The boy was his son for one year. The boy was named. The one he was forced to let go after the truth was revealed about Brad’s husband’s deceit. Lucas helped out with Wiley. We didn’t have the chance to watch Lucas helping out with Wiley. We should really have.

General Hospital Commentary January 21, 2024
GH could have done so much. more with Lucas.

Deleted Scenes

We are aware that the main focus of the series was on Bobbie as well as her character her late character Jacklyn Zeman. We are not intention of taking the focus off of her. We would have loved to have seen more. An entire week dedicated to Bobbie and Zeman with a lot of flashbacks from the past would have been a dream for us.

It was wonderful to be able to see Lucas (Ryan Carnes) once more and “Angela’s” (Brighton Hertford) final scene “Champ,” was a true heart-tugger. What else could be heart-tugger? The sight of Lucas looks at Wiley at first in a long time.

Do I Know you?

Do you think about what Lucas was feeling when he first saw Wiley? You’ll have to imagine it because you’ll not notice it. Wiley is said to have no memory of his first father. Actually, there are no conscious memories at all. However, at some point it was necessary to be aware. (Remember the time Bobbie said that after the loss of her son Lucas and later came back “He looked at me like something he’d lost.” What an amazing flashback would that be, given these circumstances?)

It is possible to imagine Wiley immediately embracing Lucas and then the enigmatic Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) who the man was. It’s possible to imagine her questioning Michael (Chad Duell). We can see Michael and Willow eventually deciding to deal with the things they’ve done to Wiley after they took him away from the home Wiley had ever known without thinking twice. We can only imagine.

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