General Hospital Commentary January 24, 2024


Next Generation of GH: Esme and Nina Reeves Corinthos

Does Esme need to emulate Nina from GH?

General Hospital Commentary January 24, 2024
Is Esme like Nina Reeves?

General Hospital and the real world are both repeating history. Carly Spencer, Josslyn Jacksons and other characters have a similar look to the originals. Some characters are polar opposites like Sonny Corinthos or Dante Falconeri. Sometimes blood is involved, as Maxie Jones looks a lot of alike Felicia Jones. Blood is not always a good indicator – just look at the differences between Mac Scorpio and Cody Bell. It’s interesting when characters that aren’t even related seem to have similar paths. Esme Prince, and Nina Reeves.

Esme Prince: Bad Beginnings

Both Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl), and Nina (Cynthia Watros), were dealt poor cards in the genetic lottery that is life. Nina is the daughter of the homicidal Madeline Mills and the niece of the (now-reformed) supervillain Liesl Gati. Esme was the double-whammy of Heather (Alley Mills), and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), two psychos.

The Early Years

Nina spent 20 years in a coma, put there by her mother. Esme’s adoptive parents died, and she fell under Ryan’s bad influence. Esme’s situation did not allow her to develop from a barely developed teenager into a fully functional adult. Both failed to meet the challenge.

Missing Persons

Nina’s awakening from a coma, and finding out that she had lost her child, was the thing that broke her. It was this little crime that led Nina to drug Ava (Maura west), cut her open and steal baby Avery. Nina was then forced to lie to Carly (Laura Wright) about Sonny’s (Maurice Benard’s) existence after she lost the daughter Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Nina’s decision to impose the SEC upon Carly (Cameron Matheson) and Willow (Katelyn McMullen) was prompted by her knowledge that Carly had kept Nina away from her other child, Willow.


Avery was no stranger to bad things. Amnesia, and the birth of her beloved son Ace, combined to make her mellow. Esme regained her memory. Could Esme’s loss of Ace, now that it appears Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), has given Ace to Nikolas Huss (Adam Huss), drive her to Nina-like levels of vengeance if she loses him? Are there any pregnant women in Port Charles – Kristina, played by Kate Mansi? You’d better duck and cover.

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