General Hospital Commentary January 26, 2024


Nina Reeves Plots Her Next Move to GH

Does she need to go after Sonny, Willow, or another person on GH?

General Hospital Commentary January 26, 2024
What will Nina’s next GH move be?

When Carly and Drew were to have their ways in General Hospital, Nina Reeves Corinthos could lose everything and fall to the bottom of the barrel. Nina has lost her newspaper She’s lost her husband, her daughter, and along with that accessibility to her children. So, Nina has lost everything.

Next Steps for Nina Reeves

It’s possible that she’ll sneak from Port Charles, never to hear from her for the rest of her life. But if that’s the scenario Carly as well as Drew are betting on, then as they say in the words of Bugs Bunny, “They don’t know Nina very well Do?” Nina has plenty of options. The only thing to decide is which one she will take first?

The Man Who Escaped

Carly (Laura Wright) might think Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are done. Michael (Chad Duell) might think Nina along with Sonny are finished. Sonny might even think that Sonny and Nina are finished. However, Sonny and Nina remain in love until Nina decides that they’re finished. She convinced Sonny to commit suicide for her in the beginning, when he didn’t even know who he was. She convinced Sonny to be her fall-back as the world was telling that Sonny and Carly were the only true pairing. She’ll make him become a fan of her all over again. If she’s looking for that.

My Little Girl

Men move and leave. As Nina has discovered daughters can be difficult to keep. Nina has lost Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and is supposedly gone for good. Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) is all she’s left. Fixing their relationship will take precedence over bowing to Sonny at any time or night of the week. Nina has to help Willow realize the reasons behind the way she did. and the reason Willow is encouraged to think about herself instead of simply blindly adhering to Michael and Carly’s orders.

Trading Up

Willow does not need Nina as a mother. Beautiful and sexy. Who else has a need for a mother? Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). Who does not treat Nina as dirt? Sasha. Who is a victim of enough missteps to know that people make poor decisions based on good motives? Sasha. Nina ought to ignore the people who don’t respect her, and instead focus on those who like her. Just like Sasha.

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