General Hospital Commentary January 28, 2024


On the Couch: Why GH’s Esme Prince Went Bad – Again

Esme attempted to walk on through the GH in a straight, narrow path. What made her stop.

Esme Prince walked into General Hospital as a bad girl, who was a Spencer. It was our impression. It was revealed to be that Esme was a shady girl who wanted Spencer for a reason to persuade Nikolas to ruin his relationship with Ava. Esme was in fact a bad person who was working for her biological father Ryan who was manipulating Ryan’s new obsession for life, Ava.

General Hospital Commentary January 28, 2024
It’s Esme Prince’s turn on the couch.

On The Couch: Esme Prince

Also, she had a biological mother, who was known to kill people using hooks. Two things helped to smooth Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) out. Her son’s birth Ace. And, oh yeah becoming amnesiac. When Esme couldn’t remember the horrible things she’d done, she changed into Good Esme. In the end, she was less Good Esme. Then her memory returned. Then Bad Esme was back, but it’s not as easy. We placed them on the sofa to show that there was more to it this time than just her reverting to typing.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Esme was shocked when she realized all the awful things, she’d done prior to having lost her memory. Esme also made a vow to be a loving parent to Ace. Both of these things seem to place her on being straight and narrow. At least, the Less Bad and Narrow. Yes, Esme was able to regain her memories. However, she didn’t immediately turn towards the darker side. It was a while later. After she lost her son.

Hand Over

Since Ace arrived, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) has been obsessed with keeping his twin brother out of Esme. So, when he was offered the opportunity for him to allow Nikolas (Adam Huss) take off with the toddler and he jumped at it, he jumped. This is the time Esme got a valuable lesson.

There is only one way to stop people from taking advantage of you is to get them to screw you over the first time. If she had embraced her dark side as soon as she remembered and resisted, she could have put Nik in prison to keep her prisoner. And then he wouldn’t have been able to get Ace. Esme did the girly thing. It cost her baby. This means there will never be further of that. Then Port Charles has no one to blame other than Port Charles itself.

To learn more about what’s going to Port Charles.


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