General Hospital Commentary January 30, 2024


Why GH’s Sonny Corinthos Will Never Forgive Nina

Michael’s GH-related actions be a factor?

General Hospital Commentary January 30, 2024
Will Nina be let off the hook?

Sonny enjoys the drama of General Hospital. However, he is not a fan of dishonesty. What is it that he especially dislikes about dishonesty? If someone is not honest when the reporting of an incident. Because committing crimes is…fine. The act of bringing criminals to justice is…not an option. In particular, turning in criminals is not acceptable when the criminal is part of the family of Sonny. Then, you should not tell Sonny about the incident. Particularly if you’re a Sonny’s cousin. This is why the chances of Sonny ever allowing Nina for her deceitful behavior towards Carly and Drew appear to be rather low right now.

Love Conquers All

“Sonny’s” (Maurice Benard) love switch is simple to activate and is even simpler to switch off. Do you remember when Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) had a wire in her hair and yelled and kicked and declared that he didn’t love her anymore? Do you remember the days when Carly (Laura Wright) was…Carly? Now it’s Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) turn. If he’s loved her once or never was important. There are rules to be followed here.

What About

Could Sonny’s feelings shift when the actor considers the fact that Michael (Chad Duell) was aware of the things Nina did…but kept it secret to get her to do something? Maybe. There’ll be shouting and stomping. Will Sonny’s anger over Michael surpass his anger toward Nina? Sonny isn’t the most complicated person. He’s struggling to handle multiple emotions. Maybe a fresh anger could wipe the slate clean for Nina?

End of the Road

However, that’s not a true Hail Mary for Nina. Nina must be aware what Sonny Rules of Conduct are not forgiving. Sonny Rules of Conduct involve neither forgiveness nor the reiteration of circumstances that could be exaggerated. Nina has done a terrible thing. This means that Nina is not good. Sonny must inform Nina she’s a bad person. Sonny must be able to punish Nina for the wrong thing she did. Sonny will not accept forgiveness. Sonny is Sonny. Stop the discussion.


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